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  1. I have no further expectations. If Mexico and Australia were still happening I feel like we MAYBE would have gotten another single or two. But I don’t care if anything else happens this year. They released two new songs. Things are heading in the right direction for the future.
  2. I actually saw think about you live in 2001. Love love love that song. Very underrated tune. Needs to be added back in every now and then.
  3. No. Don’t do physical media anymore. Maybe I’ll buy when/if they release a full album
  4. What song should be released next is a mid tempo type song. So based on how his is playing out so far that would be Perhaps or Atlas. Both are around the 4 min mark which is pretty much the limit in the short attention span era. I would not expect any of the unreleased epics to be released as individual songs.
  5. I stand corrected. Thanks @ShadowOfTheWave. But we know the General has VOCALS. Axl himself said in 2006 that 26 of 32 songs were done or nearly done. In the 2008 chats he talked about recording the VOCALS for Soul Monster. The guy who hung out with Axl in 2003 heard Cuban Skies with VOCALS. This idea that no vocals were recorded past 1999 is preposterous.
  6. @Pele Marco Beltrami heard Seven, The General, and Thyme w VOCALS in 2003 when he added strings to these songs. He said Seven was the best of the bunch. Axl wanted CD2 out for the European summer 2010 tour and it was rejected for release by the record company. There is a complete second album with VOCALS and there has been for over a decade. Dude you are crazy if you think there aren’t a ton more completed songs with vocals.
  7. Absolutely it’s possible especially if going through any type of chemotherapy
  8. No no no no no no! I’m sorry but if this is all we get even this is year it’s incredibly underwhelming. We are like people who are starving being thrown scraps of food so it feels like a feast. These singles need to lead to at minimum a 2021 EP release.
  9. Super Punchy. Bass line is solid. I really like the drum sound. Don’t care that the vocals are 20+ years old. Do we really want 2021 Axl vocals (maybe 2006 or 2010 but I digress) Slash’s guitar work is sublime. Love when he plays Guns N Roses guitar. It’s been too damn long. HOPE we get an EP or album with at least one epic. The Epics have always trumped the rockers for me. But I still love a high quality rocker. Happy Hard Skool day everyone. It’s been a long 13 years!!
  10. It could have been one album with a bunch of B-sides. It could have been two albums separated by a couple of years so they had a chance to add some additional “A” material. I feel like had the second one come out in 1993 with more A+ songs we would be talking about the three best hard rock albums ever.
  11. They could make so much money if they could partner with the right designer for their merch. 90% of it just really sucks. UYI was such a cool time period for the band. There is so much interesting source material they could use. How is that only the lithographs are awesome?
  12. Well next week in Columbus is also a Thursday for a debut and midnight release. But I’m not getting my hopes up
  13. Being a Guns N Roses fan is just a long series of disappointments.
  14. Love both those songs. Yesterdays would also work
  15. If any album comes it’s going to break my brain. It’s been WAY too long.
  16. I clicked on this and they were playing Rocket Queen. I check back in tomorrow to see if they move onto another song
  17. It’s so dumb that they would make her do that. Who cares if everyone hears a 10 second instrumental clip of something that leaked 2 years ago and something that’s been out for weeks. Would any other band do that?!
  18. It probably gets played tonight. And if not…it’s gotta be soon.
  19. So weird seeing GNR playing a stadium in Vegas. I always think of Vegas for small venue shows like the HOB and The Joint. Man times have changed.
  20. I think all the 2’s on that list indicate the remixes. I think had we got CD2 in 2010 (yep 11 fucking years ago) like Axl wanted (he angrily canceled the 2010 European tour on Twitter in May 2010 I remember because I freaked out because I was flying to Paris in September to see them . And I believe that was a reaction to record company rejection of CD2) we would have gotten the new album plus all the remixes. Fuck
  21. I hope Seven is Circus Maximus. That’s by far my favorite instrumental. The part where the guitars kick in is sublime.
  22. I’m not sure that SOG and the General are two different songs. The first time I heard SOG my first thought was huh…..that song seems to have elements that are similar to that fucking cell phone clip. Also Bach described the General as having very high piercing vocals which SOG has. Also SOG never seemed like a complete song. No guitar solos. Just seemed like there was so meat left on that bone.
  23. I’d say that would straight up fucking suck. No one wants to hear live tracks from the past 5 years. Axl hasn’t sounded awesome live since 2010. That would be a HUGE disappointment.
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