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  1. 0.0 chance of it going on in a “normal” fashion. If it’s outdoors it could potentially be modified to allow for social distancing but that would limit capacity. While a vaccine should be available by next summer the covid thing will not be over by any means. But I could be wrong🤷
  2. While I own a few lithos I’m not an avid follower of the lithograph community. What makes this particular one the holy grail?
  3. Does anyone else find it ironic that the band is doing a cash grab vinyl release of an album they sued to prevent the release of in 2004?
  4. Superb. Man Axl was something back then
  5. Saw them twice in 06. Hammerstein and MSG. Axl really was incredible during this period. Fall 2006 is when CD really should have been released. It was the perfect time.
  6. Laziness. It takes a lot of effort to be transparent and communicate. And they think it adds an air of mystery. And that made sense during the early Chinese Era (2001-2006) and kinda made Guns seemed cooler. But now it’s just fucking stupid. It’s a huge corporate touring entity. So the secrecy comes off as childish and unprofessional. Every other band at Guns level is completely transparent.
  7. Nor should they perform stadium shows for 100,000 people at the onset of the pandemic.
  8. True but I think the stuff he says on Twitter is fucking retarded for the most part. And he’s being a hypocrite for criticizing Mnuchin about travel when performed a stadium show at the start of the pandemic.
  9. Is this just pure narcissism? A children’s book based on my children’s experience touring with Guns N Roses?
  10. Every year that album wasn’t released became a giant albatross around Axl’s neck. I think the re-formed GNR could have been an interesting studio and touring act in the 2000s. CD really needed to come out in 2000 or 2001. It was pretty well received in 2008 and it would have been very well received in 00-01. This would have given Axl confidence and successful tours and more releases would have followed. Probably like VR but a bit bigger.
  11. Well he will have had plenty of rest. I wouldn’t expect any concerts to take place until Q2 of 2021. These large mass events will be the last thing to resume.
  12. Who knows when those vocals were laid down? I believe Zutaut was removed from the project in early 2002. In an article in I believe Classic Rock it was stated that the final straw was Axl showing up to what he was told was a private screening of black hawk down and finding that the screening was not private. WTTJ was featured in the film and Zutaut had assured Axl he would be getting a private viewing. When he showed up and found other people there Axl freaked out and fired Zutaut. That movie came out in December of 2001. Now I would imagine there were many problems leading up to this moment b
  13. Looking at that post is so crazy. March 27th 2000. Just sitting on a shelf for 20 years. 20 years later there is a 20 page thread about it that would have been 40-50 pages 10 years ago. What a waste.
  14. Very True. SOG and Hard School should have replaced Riad and scraped. I wished they never would have changed catcher. The village version is so much better.
  15. It’s such powerful fucking song. 100% should have been on CD. If we would have gotten a fully finished version of this instead of scraped all of us die hard would have been blown away. And CD would been so much better
  16. I think Chinese Democracy could have had Atlas on it if not for all the super long intros. The one on Riad is so dumb just like the song Riad. I still 12 years later cannot believe Riad and Scraped made the final album. They are both such garbage tracks.
  17. Nice! It’s always been clear to me that he is singing clearly defined lyrics. I never thought they were scratch vocals.
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