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Oasis Star Noel Gallagher Attacked On Stage In Toronto.


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Oasis star Noel Gallagher was assaulted by a fan who rushed the stage during a concert in Toronto last night.

The band were mid-way through their headline set at the V Festival and performing the song Morning Glory when the man ran on from backstage and knocked Gallagher to the ground.

Security guards wrestled the intruder to the floor and dragged him away, with brother Liam in pursuit. The man, a More..ged in his 30s, was later arrested. Less..

Source and video

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Liam backs up like a pussy until the security takes the man down. than he starts to act like the big man. rubbish.

definetly a fucking shitcunt. Noel could be seriously injured.

I felt a bit like that on first watch aswel, but to be honest, I think it took Liam a second to actually realise what was going on, it doesn't look like he actually see's Noel goin' down. He just gets pushed out the way by the security pouncing on this guy.

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Apparently Noel has some injuries...the show tonight in London is postponed until December.

Bummer. Do you think he hurt his hand while trying to break his fall?

Anyway, what a dumb prick this guy was. He totally blindsided him.

Usually when you see some drunk fan get onstage they try and hug

a band member. Not this prick, that was malicious.

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