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Amazing album covers


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^The only thing I don't like about it is the test. They should have used the same font throughout. This looks annoying. Otherwise, I find the cover brilliant.

I personally prefer more restrained covers. I hate flamboyant, multicolored, bright images. I also can't stand when the cover doesn't have the artist name and album title on the front.

More of my favorites:


There's probably never been an album cover to better represent the musical and lyrical style of the album. Just look at his expression! You can hear the title track in your mind just by seeing his face.


Again, simple, to the point and in perfect harmony with the music. (The weird thing is, I don't like the music itself to be simple and to the point. I like 'quite' front covers for records full of 12 minute multi-instrumental epics)




Just a really cool series of covers

Also, all GNR and VR album covers pretty much rule

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