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The MyGnR Simpsons Thread

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been watching a lot of Simpsons commentary lately.. it's a great way to get back into the show since I remember all of the episodes I have on DVD so this makes them very watchable again. it's very entertaining actually, never thought I'd like that commentary-thing

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I find it almost impossible to remember specific episodes, because there's just so many of them and they change plot about 1/3 through which makes it seem like there's even more. It's all a haze. But it's stuff like this posted here, screenshots, lines etc which absolutely make my day. There's a lot of subtle humour, things in the background or even in the foreground but that are not insisted on. A lot of the jokes these days are self referential and hidden unless you invest quite a lot of time into finding them. I think it's what puts off casual viewers, fewer obvious jokes. It rewards hardcore fans instead.

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Guest gunns5


The Simpsons has been edited for TV in Europe to remove sensitive storylines involving a disaster at the Springfield nuclear plant in light of the current crisis in Japan.

Japanese officials have been struggling to contain radiation levels around a nuclear centre in Fukushima since the complex was damaged in the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan earlier this month.

TV producers at Germany's Pro7 channel reacted to the disaster by checking through new episodes of The Simpsons and removing "unsuitable" segments featuring trouble at Mr Burns' plant.

The Hollywood Reporter says network executives in Austria and Switzerland have since taken Germany's lead and followed suit.

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