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Hilarious article about Axl on Cracked

Georgy Zhukov

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One thing I do know though is that if Fergie had pulled that terrible Superbowl job with "Sweet Child O' Mine" back in his bad ass days. Axl would have feigned liking her, and the first moment of getting into her pants, he would have stuck his dick in her ass and immediately ended their relationship with a donkey punch. Then he would have gone bragging about it to "Circus" magazine.

HAHAHA :lol:

Unfortunately, Axl doesn't say shit anymore, and the world is less enriched for it.

So true ....

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Definitely some funny lines- but ultimately the point of the article seems to be that Axl's gotten older and doesn't act like a 25 year-old any more- to which I say... good for him.

IMHO it shouldn't be up to a 49 going on 50 year-old multi-millionaire Axl Rose with his "house on a hill" to provide all the danger and rebelliousness in rock music. The real issue is that NO ONE amongst today's 25 year-old "rock artists" have anywhere near the balls, attitude and song-writing chops that the Axl of the late 80's and early 90's had. Been that way for quite awhile unfortunately...

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