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Russel Nash

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Because he doesn't look at his time in GNR as a pleasant experience I assume.

Arnie- love your PM to me- :rofl-lol: How's the parents basement?

arnold layne

Today, 12:50 AM

Were your parents disappointed when they found out that their son was retarded?

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Can you blame him?

I usually don't take Buckethead's side on things. But no, you absolutely can't.


I mean, especially when you think what "could've" been. But, he's released what... sixteen albums in the interim? Not too shabby. (Post-Chinese)

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off topic, arnold layne is that quote in your sig real?

i was wondering the same thing...

also bucketheadland.com has to be one of the worst designed website out there... :thumbsdown:

it's as bizarre as Bucket himself.

The FAQ section also fails to mention Axl or GNR.....

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I'm suprised the board police (we all know who) aren't crying "wrong section" and "this is an ex member" etc.... LOL

Bucket is still involved with GNR as he most probably will be on CD II.

Axl was even willing to share his Dr. Pepper with him :tongue2:

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