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Ozzy Osbourne's son has Multiple Sclerosis


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NEW YORK (AP) — New father Jack Osbourne is facing a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

The former reality star and son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne revealed his health crisis in an interview with People released Sunday. He told the magazine he was angry and frustrated when he found out, and he's concerned about his family.

Osbourne and his fiancée Lisa Stelly had daughter Pearl in April.

Multiple sclerosis attacks the brain and spinal cord, and can cause somewhat mild problems or serious disability, such as paralysis.

Jack Osbourne gained fame as a teen when his heavy metal father and his mother allowed the family to be profiled in the MTV reality show "The Osbournes."


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Sucks for him.

Is he famous for anything else than being Ozzy's son and having participated in The Osbourne's?

He was on a few shows by himself, and he's directed and produced a few things. He pretty much makes his own living now, as does Kelly.

Anyway, that's terrible. Jack is a great guy. Hopefully his doesn't turn out to be as terrible as it can be. :(

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I have a friend who lived in LA/Hollywood for a few years and was into the band/party scene.

This was a couple years ago, but I saw some pics of her and Jack on her social network page, so I asked what he was like.

She said he was really nice and friendly, very down to earth, a bit crazy. That his sister had way more attitude, but Jack was friendly to everybody.

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