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Slash sits down with MYGNRFORUM for the first time for an exclusive interview! Here it is, enjoy!


Hi Slash,

Welcome to the new look mygnrforum.com - Thank you for agreeing to do this exclusive interview with the worlds biggest online Guns N' Roses forum! Our forum members are really excited to be able to reach out to you for the very first time.:devilshades:

Congratulations on Apocalyptic Love, it's an absolutely brilliant album!

The sonics on Apocalyptic Love are just stunning.

Neil Young once said "with analog, you hear the crackle of every tube".

Do you think analog recording compliments your skills as a musician and does it affect the overall direction the band is striving for?

Slash: analog, in my opinion, is the best way to record a band. I think it is sonically warmer & more natural sounding.

It also forces the musicians to have to give their best performance; there is no digital editing capabilities, so the opportunities for editing are very limited.

Anastasia is a BIG TUNE and a fan favorite. Can you describe to our forum members how that song came about?

Slash: Anastasia was born out of my Godfather solo last year. During the improv section, I started hearing a melody every night. I started expanding on that idea during the solo every night. Then after the tour, I composed an entire arrangement. Then Myles put a vocal melody to it. Then lyrics.

If Myles had shown up with lyrics that didn't feel right to you, would you have spoken to him about it or trusted his instinct and respected his direction in regards to content?

Slash: I've trusted Myles as a lyricist ever since the 1st two songs we wrote together, "Starlight" & "Back from Cali."

A lot of fans are considering The Conspirators a band in their own right. A solid line up with amazing chemistry and the chops to back it up. It's so much more than Slash and "the backing band" which is fucking cool.

Is that how you see it also?

Slash: yes. It started out as a pick up band. But, The Conspirators immediately developed into its own personality & sound that is very much an identifiable part of Apocalyptic Love.

With Apocalyptic Love under your belt and the tour under way, are you working on new riffs already? Is it a cycle that naturally starts to repeat itself?

Slash: Yes, I'm starting to collect ideas for the next record. It seems I write a lot when I'm on the road nowadays.

We've recently heard you say that rock n' roll isn't dead, but the current state of the music industry makes it a bit harder for some of these bands to stand out (to paraphrase). Any particular rock groups you find yourself listening to these days that you think deserve more recognition or want to give a shout-out to?

Slash: The last couple of bands that opened for us; Hillbilly Harold & Monster Truck are 2 of the best new Rock & Roll bands I've seen in a while.

Taking Dawn & Tab the Band are great too. To mention a few.

If you could go back in time and see either Woodstock, Altamonte or Monterey Pop, which would you choose and why?

Slash: I would choose to go to Monterey Pop and see hendrix & The who, together.

As a fan in the audience,was there a concert experience that moved you,or inspired you more than any other?

Slash: Seeing Van Halen & Aerosmith & Cheap Trick at The World Music Festival in 1978 definitely comes to mind as being particularly influential.

I know you've previously stated that you have no plans to reform VR with Myles on vocals, but would you ever consider bringing Duff, Matt, at all into the writing process on any future records with Myles?

Slash: I guess you never know what exactly could happen. It's not part of any plans at the moment though.

Any goals in life that you have yet to achieve?

Slash: I don't have any goals other than to keep making records & to continue performing live. Anything else that comes along, I just have to wait & see. I would, however, like to see/help my kids do well with whatever it is they choose to do as they grow up!

What are your three desert island albums?


Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold As Love.

Aerosmith - Live Bootleg

Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed

But that is off the top of my head at this particular moment in time. I need at least 50 albums to get stranded properly!

Beatles or Stones? De Niro or Pacino?

Slash: Stones & Pacino

Thanks a million Slash, good luck with the rest of the tour!! Keep rockin'

Special thanks/credit: Marc Canter/Zint/Estranged Reality/Kickinthehabit



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Slash: The last couple of bands that opened for us; Hillbilly Harold & Monster Truck are 2 of the best new Rock & Roll bands I've seen in a while.

He's right about Hillbilly Herald (that's the correct spelling :tongue2: ).Really cool band live.If they hit your town,go see them..it's a fun show!

Here's a video I took of them opening for Slash back in May in Orlando.

I haven't seen Monster Truck yet,but I'm familiar with them.

They are opening for Slash when I see them in London Ontario this Thursday.

I'll try to film a song or two. :)

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nice, would be interested in seeing that if you get a chance to film it!

Hopefully I'll get there in time for Monster Truck.They play fairly early.

It's the first day of a three day outdoor festival.There will be several thousand people there.

The bill for Thursday is Monster Truck,Our Lady Peace,Bush and Slash is headlining.

I'll film a bit of Monster Truck if I make it in time.I'll definitately be filming some Slash.

Not going to waste any battery on the other two bands. :tongue2:

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this was pretty cool. we caught the last song monster truck played when we saw the concert, they sounded pretty good. the conspirators rock, if you get a chance to see the it's well worth the price and they are up close and personal venues. thanks to slash for responding and doing this interview. i like the record alot more after i got to see the songs performed live.

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def save that battery up for slash!

i gotta see this dude live, same with whatever incarnation of GN'R axl has going in a few years - just gotta wait til i'm on my feet a bit more with my life, being at school makes it tough to plan for anything. only gig i've seen in the past couple years was van halen in philly because a friend was kind enough to give me a spare ticket and pay for the trip. was an awesome night up until after the gig, ended up in a hospital with a leg puncture. :rofl-lol:

but anyways...have fun man, i'm jealous!

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:xmasssanta: i dunno why but i thought he'd say de niro?

I'd have bet beforehand that he would say The Stones and Pacino. De Niro and The Beatles are good, but I'm definitely with Slash on this one.

Somebody has to ask this question to Axl now. I'd bet he'd say The Beatles and De Niro.

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