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Rate Each Member of GNR on How You Think They Want a New Album Out


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Dizzy Reed - whatever Axl wants

Tommy Stinson - whatever Axl wants

Chris Pitman - whatever Axl wants

Richard Fortus - whatever Axl wants

BBF - whatever Axl wants

Frank Ferrer - whatever Axl wants

DJ Ashba - whatever Axl wants


Otherwise, they couldn't be working with Axl. It's a tough working schedule to follow.

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Dizzy Reed - 0 - two decades on the band, never complained. the man is happy with the paycheck

Tommy Stinson - 0 - same as dizzy

Chris Pitman - 0 - same as dizzy

Richard Fortus - 0 - same as dizzy, except it's just 10 years

BBF - 10 - everybody sees his frustration, but the money is too good for him to leave

Frank Ferrer - 0 - whatever axl says

DJ Ashba - 10 - so he can put a gnr album on his curriculum, oh wait, he already did, without recording a single note for them


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