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Did You Join This Forum Cuz of NuGNR or the Original Lineup?



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Neither, i joined for the discussions. Like I read a few of em going on and thought they were interesting and decided I'd like to join in.

Yeah, me too. I mean, I love the old lineup but I'm still interested in new music of the current line up. But I just joined because some discussions here were interesting and I wanted to share my point of view too. I love discussions!

:rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol:

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I joined cd.com in '06 and this site in '07 when there was still a really positive buzz around CD and the new band. I wanted every bit of info I could find about the CD sessions, every bootleg of the '06 tour, interviews, all that shit. I could already find a lot of stuff from the old band, so while I obviously like all eras of Guns, I joined the forums because of the new band.

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