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Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars to play the Super Bowl halftime show


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Bruno Mars was announced months ago. The RHCP announcement is new. Mars reportedly asked them to perform with him to appeal to older viewers.

Makes sense. It's a smart formula. One older act to appeal to the dads and one contemporary pop act to appeal to the kids. Could also pave the way for some radical duets.

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Ugh, it should be Bruno on his own (possibly with a couple of guests, being people that he's worked with). I was looking forward to it, not so much now. It's not that I dislike RHCP, I'd just prefer Bruno to have the 12 minutes to himself and not have to share it.

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I guess I just wouldn't. I wouldn't say there is an MJ equivalent. If I had to, maybe JT?

JT could also work fair enough. I keep forgetting he's relevant again.

I guess equivalent was the wrong word to use, but all I was getting at is that Bruno is probably the hottest (no homo) solo male pop-star out there right now, and the Super Bowl is just going with the hot hand, the same way they did so with MJ back in the day. There are very few to no better options they could choose from that would serve the same purpose.

And we all know what happened last time JT was at the Super Bowl. :lol:

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I think RHCP and Bruno Mars will do okay together.

I don't like Bruno Mars very much, but I can't really decide on a good reason why, other than I don't really care for his music. But he's talented, and his style would blend well with RHCP.

It's better than The Black Eyed Peas

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