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Canada 'da da da'


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Don't forget French-Canadian porn star Ariel Rebel:

On topic, I've only been to Toronto, thought it was OK, nowhere near as cool as NY, though. Want to check out Montreal and Vancouver. Once saw a BBC documentary on the latter where there was this really upbeat woman from their tourist board going on about the pros of Vancouver (it was voted best city to live in that year). The BBC guy then asked about all the rain they get, and then the lady said, "Oh, well here we just call that liquid sunshine :D " I thought, Christ, my cynical British self could never put up with that much cheeriness!

Toronto sucks. It's a concrete soulless jungle. It has zero personality and all the arrogance of the rest of Canada combined. They act like they are the center of the universe. Really they just want to be New York(I love New York) but it's nothing like New York. Toronto is the most boring and bland city I have ever been to and the people just sucked I thought. I've heard Montreal is awesome. Hopefully I'll be going there in a few weeks to find out for myself. Vancouver is awesome. Calgary is a great city.... I live in Whitehorse. I love it. 25 000 people in the middle of the Yukon wilderness in the mountains and only a 90 minute drive to the ocean in Skagway, Alaska. Perfect almost.

Well, I'll be there in 16 days, so I guess I'll start practising! :mellow:


where you head'n?

Trip through the Rockies with the Mrs. The general idea is Seattle -> Victoria -> Tofino -> Jasper -> Banff -> Waterton -> Glacier -> Yellowstone -> Seattle. We've got a little over 3 weeks to do it. ^_^




Coached hockey every summer for 2 weeks in Jasper for 6 years between 2006-2012, Great place. Banff is awesome too.

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Cool! Any tips for stuff to do in and around Jasper Bono? We've already thought of the Jasper Tramway and some mountain hiking as well as a trip to Maligne Canyon and Maligne Lake (with some canoeing or something). We're primarily interested in nature.

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How long are you in Victoria for? Do yourself a favor, and if you only go to one restaurant, make it John's Place (on Pandora Ave) for breakfast. If you're there on sunday, breakfast is all day. You're welcome ;)

Check out the Sooke Potholes as well if you get a chance while you're here.

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