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Canada 'da da da'


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this is accurate as fuck!

Vice - How to speak like a Maritimer http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/the-vice-guide-to-speaking-like-a-maritimer-

While Americans look to the south for unintelligible slang and quaint accents, Canadians look to the east. People speak so fucking weirdly in Canada’s Maritime Provinces that you practically need special Robocop-style eyewear to translate the toothless fisherman-ese into intelligible subtitles. But even though you might have trouble understanding what they say, the fact that they’re friendly as fuck comes across loud and clear. After some time, their garbled fast-paced accents and abuse of English grammar grows on you to the point where you find yourself back in the big city going, “Holee Jesus cocksuckin’ Murphy, she was some fuckin’ cold and a pocketful of fuck yester’ night, I’ll tell ya right now.”


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Well, I'll be there in 16 days, so I guess I'll start practising! :mellow:


where you head'n?

Trip through the Rockies with the Mrs. The general idea is Seattle -> Victoria -> Tofino -> Jasper -> Banff -> Waterton -> Glacier -> Yellowstone -> Seattle. We've got a little over 3 weeks to do it. ^_^




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that's the Canadian west coast! The article, and more importantly, yours truly, is east coast.

You could look up Randy Lahey though, hell of a consolation prize

He's on my list just below "grizzly bears"!

And I'll keep that in mind next time I'm in Canada mr Moon. :)

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