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Poor GG Allin, becomes a hologram

Strange Broue

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Gee, i wonder who's next....

This world is already lost their provocative "artists" so they ressurected the most controversial of all of them


Citing the huge success and rabid press coverage of the Tupac hologram in 2012, the festival promoters decided to top themselves with another legend gone too soon.

“We’re psyched that GG will be a part of Coachella 2016. It should really mix things up to have him up there. Plus the abundance of human feces flowing from the inadequate bathroom facilities should provide plenty of ammo.”

Engineers were still working out the kinks as to whether said feces would also be a hologram, or in fact be “real human doo-doo [sic].” “We don’t know exactly what he’ll be working with. We’re developing a new hybrid technology that would allow a hologram to interface the real, tangible world,” said Cal Tech engineer Bev Trill, Ph.D. “Obviously the real thing would create a more exciting, visceral experience for all involved.”

Allin, who passed away in 1993, left a gaping hole in the scene for people who preferred a live show rich with bodily fluids. “So far the closest they’ve come to sending a turd into the crowd was when Muse played.” said longtime Coachella fan Jenny Spiegel. While Spiegel personally had no interest in being muddied by the likes of Allin, she looked forward to his antics leveling the playing field among the VIPs. “Hopefully they can program the thing to hit Jonah Hill.”

He was the last true shock rocker, imho (and an asshole too!)

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Regardless of his stage antics, what is his music like? From clips I've seen it sounds horrendous but I dislike most punk so I am not much of a judge. I recall reading that one of his albums had a cult following?

A load of fuckin' cobblers really although ive owned a couple of albums. He started off with a sort of a reasonable punk type voice but after a while it just became like...saying the most offensive thing you can imagine, highlights include, SUCK MY ASS IT SMELLS!!!! :lol: 'The KKK sent the n!ggers out to die, when the black meats burning i hope its gonna die' and 'expose yourself to kids' and...just a load of random ranting cobblers.

Theres really no justification to its existing or my owning albums and dvds of it, im just the sort that, were there to be an execution in the town square I'd probably show up to see what its like :lol: There's no actual discernible musical quality to it.


This is the closest he came to like...coherence :lol: Bite It You Scum is almost a song too.

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He did a sort of a retarded cover of Warren Zevons Carmelita, which shows that somewhere beneath the layers of attention seeking bollocks there was some kinda person with a vague interest in music in there. Have you ever read his 'manifesto'? Its fuckin' hilairious :lol:

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He did a sort of a retarded cover of Warren Zevons Carmelita, which shows that somewhere beneath the layers of attention seeking bollocks there was some kinda person with a vague interest in music in there. Have you ever read his 'manifesto'? Its fuckin' hilairious :lol:

yep, he was basically just a troll.

all the stuff he bragged about rarely happened. he was never documented raping people on stage or anything like that.

and let's be honest, would a guy with true rock n' roll integrity who WASN'T trying to just gain attention go on fucking giraldo rivera? no.

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Dont get me wrong, he was definitely short a few upstairs, i dont think it was all some kind of calculated act of self promotion, and in some weird fuckin way there's like a speck inside me that has some kinda weird passing admiration for a human being willing to make that much of a fool of himself...basically he was just like some kinda mad fuckin tramp.

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He wasn't an asshole. The fighting and abrasive attitude was an act. Everyone that knew him offstage said he was a pretty loving guy.

If you go to a true punk show expecting anything but brutality(not some poser in punk fashion holding an instrument he can't play), you may as well stick to pop.

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If you believe in the real underground of Rock 'N' Roll,

then now is the time to do something about it. The time is

now to overthrow the current situations and declare war on

the record companies, radio stations, publications, clubs,

and anyone who promotes the whole so called "scene" as it

now stands. We need to destroy it all and take it back from

the corporate phonies and conformist. But action must be

taken now and blood must be spilled. First let me tell you

who I am. I was born Jesus Christ Allin in 1956 in

Lancaster, NH. The Jesus Christ they preach about in the

Bible is a phony imposter - just a crutch for the cripples

to lean on. Fuck that weak shit! I am the man to deal with.

I created myself inside the womb from the fires of Hell.

There are no separations between Jesus Christ, God and the

Devil, because I am all of theme. I am here to take Rock 'N'

Roll back & prove to the world that I am the real king

through the powers I have acquired. When I was born in 1956,

Rock 'N' Roll first started taking off. Why do you think

that was? Because I created it. I created Elvis. I made it

all happen. Even before I was born I was plotting. But

through the years everyone has let it all go. That's why I

am ready to take it all back. Nobody has held on. Nobody has

had the indurence to finish what they were set out to

fucking do. They all let me down or I took their lives for a

purpose. I was the one who was throwing all the monkey

wrenches into the gears. But money and commercialism made

them all sell out. Even Iggy let me down. The Sex Pistols

let me down. Sid let me down when he fell in love (that's

why they are all dead). And now we have the Ramones praising

bands like Guns N' Roses, which runs against everything they

were set out to destroy. But now it's 1991. This is the

decade for the final bloody mutilation. Time to get Rock 'N'

Roll out of the hands of the masses and back to the people

who will not accept comfort or conformity at any cost. Then I will commit suicide on stage

and the blood of Rock 'N' Roll will become the poison of the

Universe forever. Take a look around and see what's

happening. Spineless record companies kissing the

mainstreams ass, being pressured by the money media and

politicians. So called cutting edge radio stations as

fucking lame as the stations they oppose. Censorship

publications kissing the monkey suits asses, who in turn,

are kissing someone else's ass. Even so called "underground"

publications have no fucking desire to get blood on their

hands. They are too busy crying about how we can make the

world a more wonderful place and how politically correct

they can be. Talk is fucking cheap. It's time to fight. It's

time for revenge. We need to overthrow Rock 'N' Roll as it

now stands. We must bring down record companies by not

buying their products. A boycot. If you have to have a

record, steal it. That way they wont get your money. We've

got to stop feeding them. Your support must now go to me -

GG Allin, the commanding leader and terrorist of Rock 'N'

Roll. Why do you think I am in prison right now? Because

they know who I am and they fear my reality. Our society

wants to stop my mission. They want to brain wash you and

keep you locked into MTV, and their stagnating, safe worlds.

It's a plot to kill Rock 'N' Roll. I am the savior. Thats

why I am considered a threat to society. This is what you

should do: Go to your record store and buy all the GG ALLIN

recordings you can find. If they dont have any in stock,

tell them to order some. If they refuse, then do what you

have to do. Call radio stations and demand GG Allin. Spray

paint "GG ALLIN" everywhere. Make them aware that the

disease and the Scumfuc tradition is still spreading. Write

"GG ALLIN" on all your dollar bills. Any bills you have.

People do not throw money away, so it would be a free way to

get the message out. You must do it every day of your life.

We must live for the Rock 'N' Roll underground. It CAN be dark and dangerous again. It CAN be threatning to our society as it was meant to be. IT MUST BE

UNCOMPROMISING. And with me as your leader, it will happen.

I am ready to lead you, my allies, into the real Rock 'N'

Roll underground. Let's get started.

Thats his manifesto...'Sid Vicious let me down by falling in love'...'The Ramones praising bands like Guns n Roses who represent everything they set out to destroy'...this mans got the wrong end of the stick somewhere. Who exactly did he think Sid Vicious was, other than the dozy 'bass player' of The Sex Pistols? :lol: I find it mind-boggling that anybody could actually swallow the clearly fake idea that Sidney was some kind of rock n roll rebel leading 'the new way' or something, the guy was just a twit really, a soppy little sod with a schoolboy attitude to life and his surroundings. And The Ramones didn't set out to do anything except make fuckin' 50s sounding doo wop fuckin' music, i mean who did he think these guys were, they did Ronettes covers for chrissakes :lol:

Money and commercialism makes them all sell out, uh, what money did Sid Vicious make?!? :lol: What money had Iggy Pop made at the time of his writing this? What a thick bastard :lol:

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He has a point though. The last time I saw Iggy he was flogging car insurance on British television. The Pistols preached an anti corporate message on songs like EMI yet are now a flabby bunch of guys who reunite sporadically for cash. Lydon was last seen on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here of all things! He mentions Guns there and Guns are a good example. In 1987 they delivered up a sleazy punkoid rock n' roll classic written in a smelly garage. In 1991, the year that was written, they were producing pompous bloated ballads and touring on separate private planes. Guns did not even wait around for a bit to become this bloated and absurd. It took the Stones up until 1974-5ish! The Stones at least had a good innings of more than a decade of degeneracy before chucking the rebellion lark in for manna.

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Quite frankly i think if you ever looked at a band or a pop singer and ever invested that much faith in them or considered them to be the leaders of some vague cultural revolution of capable of doing anything much more than making nice songs for you to listen to then the jokes on you.

Iggy Pop was very much on the breadline right up until the early 90s, there were points in that mans life in the mid 70s where he was living on a mattess in someones garage, The Sex Pistols, quite frankly, all this change the world/leaders of a movement crap was something very much thrust upon them. Its all well and good a bunch of people rating Iggy Pop for being a maniac but at some point you have to behave something like a human being and look after your interests or you'll end up dead.

All this anti-corporate stuff, the very idea of that coming from popstars who have to enlist corporations to get their music distributed is a bit laughable.

All of it, mods, rockers, punks, skins etc etc, its value extends to a bunch of people and their asserting of their identity and marking out of their times and their experience through youth...and thats about it as far as I'm concerned. I suppose they can present you with a certain ethos that you carry on with or that effects your thinking but when you condense it all down it all comes down to the same vague sloganeering 'be yourself' bollocks.

Edited by Len B'stard
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You are a bloody useless punk haha.

I do not think you have to take the argument to the extremity that you see these people as 'cultural leaders' when surveying the music scene at that time and some of the questionable decisions made. Do you want to see Iggy Pop selling car insurance on British television? I'm not putting him on a pedestal as a cultural leader here but I merely do not want to see the guy look so cheap. Do you want to see the Pistols end their days playing reunion jaunts, or Rotten on vacuous British television shows? Would it not have been better to end it in the '70's?

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I love punk, i think it was a fantastic thing and a really massive cultural footnote in terms of popular culture...but it's way too much to ask to ask these guys to live on the breadline well into pensionable age. I mean if they had kept it 'real' and not done these sorts of things you'd just see even sadder news reports of 'wrinkley rocker seen worse for wear in supermarket car park' or something.

The reason i took the argument to that extreme length is because it left me wondering as to the nature of our demands on these people, what exactly is it that we want from them, what do we think they were and where did we expect them to go and what are the reasons for these expectations...and thats all i can fathom out. Do i want to see Iggy Pop selling car insurance? Hmmm...i don't really....want or not want them to do anything as such. As i was explaining before Iggy Pop lived in some pretty dire poverty throughout a lot of his 'fame'. So what does it amount to? A bunch of people living comfortably in their 3 bed semi's going 'GO ON IGGY YOU FUCKIN' LAD!' as he lives in poverty throughout his life...and then jumping on him when he reaches his 50s and decides it's probably about time to set something up for his future, it's just practical isn't it? I mean that man paid his dues many many many times over, i don't think anybody can look at Iggy Pop throughout his career, the shit he got up to, the life he lived for two thirds of his existence and say he was faking it.

And as for The Pistols and their reunions, i think they were admirable because the full picture of The Sex Pistols really came through in those...because behind the offence that was caused and the newspaper headlines and the press making them out to be some kind of dark thing the humour of it was kinda drained out. I mean John Lydon is a man that developed a style of singing that is rooted in his particular way of taking the piss out of singing, i find that across the world the early days of The Pistols is seen as this very dark very severe very serious thing...i don't think it was ever meant to be. Thats not to say it was all a joke and the seriousness of it has no value, I'm just saying it had this other dimension that was kinda missed out on, there was a great sense of fun and pisstaking there. The Pistols to me were great because they always gave it to you straight...and thats exactly what they did with the reunion, it was the most offensive thing they could've possibly done to contemporary sensibilities of the time, in 1996, to do a reunion, it would be the one thing that would get up the fuckin' NMEs and the Melody Makers and the Jon Savages and the Nick Kentses noses, 'oh no, not The Pistols, surely not them!', yeah, well up yours, fat 40 and back, i loved it personally :lol: Steve Joneses fat arse packed into a pair of silver pantaloons looking every bit the undignified old git, Rotten caterwauling and winding up crowds with his spiky snot green hair, even the press conference was fantastic, the press showed up looking for blood and they got a good ol' load of Sex Pistolian verbal back and no fuckin' mistake :D

And as for John and the butter adverts, he used those to get PiL up and running again, as revealed by the new album they put out...then the tour...and then another new album and tour, all in the space of a few years...and it's on his own terms, without record company backing, independently because he wants to make the kind of music he wants to make, isn't that as in keeping with the spirit of punk as anything? He makes almost jackshit off them too, the meagre fruits of touring and album sales almost all goes right back into financing the next one, now thats about the dictionary definition of someone that really means it, that is really about the music and really about being uncompromising in his stance.

But anyway, i digress. To me, the bottom line is a bunch of journalists and middle class Guardianesque waffling has bought us to these ideas about rock n roll and what its about and what it stands for and what the rules are or aren't in regards to it...which is kinda funny to me because i think if you asked Chuck Berry and Fats Domino and Bo Diddley...or even Elvis and Jerry Lee and them what their life goals were and what their music was trying to express i think you'll find they all wanted to live in big houses, have a good time, shag birds, drive big flash motors and live for the day. All pretty common working class ambitions i think.

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There is a hypocrisy in the u-turn here. You cannot very well preach about evil corporations like record companies and thumb your nose at the establishment, then switch into a darling of day time television. People are going to question whether the original music was genuine to begin with, and whether or not that is something worth bothering about. Because it is possible to be a rich and successful musician and not sacrifice your principals and integrity. We are all assuming that a sacrifice like that is the only way one can potentially make money. A good counter example is Neil Young. You will not see him flogging car insurance. He travels on his own convertible to concerts. He does not even do the 'greatest hits' thing, with his setlists. And I know you mock him but I would mention Springsteen also, a guy who has not sold out in any which way or form.

Do you want to see Pele selling condoms? I personally don't. Iggy, car insurance? Axl, Budweiser? Why did they become musicians to begin with? All fat sell outs. I'm with GG here. Punk rock haha.

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