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The Big Short


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Anyone seen it? Been out for awhile, but I just saw it yesterday.

Got mixed reviews from the people I went with. Some really liked it, some thought it was fine/confusing, and some didn't like it. Pretty wide range. Personally, I was on the fence for the most of the movie, but I ended up really enjoying it. The main complaint among the people I went with was it wasn't as laymen as they made the film out to be, which in truth is true. I wouldn't pretend to have understood all of it. Although it was also brought up it just might have been impossible to actually make it relatable enough to everyone.

For what it was, I thought it worked out well. The direction was kind of all over the place, which for me was a turn off at the beginning. They kind of jump right in it, with all the jargon, and its almost documentary style and just cutting between a bunch of different things. Its hard to really find the pace. But about 20 minutes in the movie acknowledges you don't get it, and may even have checked out by now, and then they kind of reeled me in. I got into the pacing and I thought the second half really picked up.

Any other thoughts. I give credit to Adam McKay, cause its a big jump for him and I think he proved himself well. Sad that it kind of ends on a depressing note about the economic state, but then again its really not a surprise and there's not really another way to end the film. Wouldn't say it was as good as I hoped, but I did like it.

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It's more along the lines of a gambling movie with a bunch of eccentrics, neurotics and "bros". The scene where they're playing SCOM in the back was a lot like when they played it in The Wrestler where there's this weight of impending doom (yeah I remembered Marisa Tomei was in both movies ) 

Taking a complex  situation and turning it into an entertaining movie is tricky but they did a great job with it. 




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