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Smashing Pumpkins (reunion w/ Iha)


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Didn't see a thread for these guys yet. Great band!

Chamberlain rejoined last year and Iha played a few songs with them the other day (which is surprising cause his feud with Billy Corgan was known for being rather intense). 


This is one of a few scenarios their history shares with GNR's history, actually. 

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I couldn't care less if D'arcy is or isn't there...she's off her rocker in the first place and it's not like she contributed much - Billy recorded most of the bass tracks anyway. I was even okay when they first came back with just Billy and Jimmy, but it's really cool that Billy's mended fences with Iha enough to play some songs with him. It'd be awesome if he came back for good.

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Fucking amazing! Soon a Slash - Axl reunion of sorts, and now Billy and James together on stage for the first time in 16 years without any warning! 

Just to see them hug on stage is already amazing after all the badmouthing James got from Billy in the press these last years.

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On 3/28/2016 at 11:27 PM, Jabberwocky said:

Unfortunately, Darcy is too long gone. She is basically a reluse who got into some very hard drugs and fucked up her face.

She was looking like a meth head last time I saw her.

Always like some Pumpkins. Corgan sometimes talks too much for my liking, but music wise I've always dug them.

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