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Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

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14 minutes ago, killuridols said:

What you say makes no sense, lol..... if you don't want someone talking about something you just don't tell them anything and don't call them to be part of whatever you are going to do :lol:

Criticizing Axl doesn't make anything about anyone else. Axl is terrible by his own doing, you don't need to put down Adler or anyone else in order to highlight Axl's mistakes.

Realistically, there are no teenager girls running after 56-year-old Axl in 2018. He doesn't mean anything in 2018 when it comes to musical impact, music charts and music influences. Youth does not look up to him anymore and most people do not take him seriously. The guy who used to be a poster boy is now a poster "old woman" used to make some cartoon character associate sex with disgusting looking people.

Who would have thought of that in 1991?

See you can say all that about Axl to try to offend me but it doesn't. Axl is what he is. But he's also the lead singer of Guns N'Roses, who are coming off a hugely successful and lucrative reunion tour. I'm happy, the band seems happy, everything seems to be going well for Guns N'Roses right now.

Meanwhile, Adler's travelling to wherever in the world he can sell tickets and his mother can sell books, pigging backing off of Guns N'Roses. So at the end of the day, we can compare their faults as much as we want, but one of them is signing for, and owns, Guns N'Roses, and the other is trying to keep his "career" afloat by reminding people that 30 years ago he was in Guns N'Roses.

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7 minutes ago, Kwick1 said:

I can't believe this thread is still going. @killuridolsyou obviously have some very strong feelings about Axl as is also evident in your forum name. But this is a fan forum of GnR and Axl has always been the frontman so you are at a fan site criticizing GnR because he is GnR. If you look all over IG, there are young girls madly in love with him. I'm sure this irritates him as much as it always has. I would say people and the media take him very seriously. As soon as he tweets, major networks and the press immediately report out on his tweets and if not sure what they mean, they try to dissect the meaning. Currently a 30+ yr old B side single is climbing into the top 10 on the rock charts. A B side single that wasn't selected for AFD or Lies nearing the top 10!!! GnR back at the top of the charts. This is a very strong time for the band and I only hope it's the beginning. 

Fourth biggest tour in history and a 30 some year old single about to crack top ten= irrelevant by killuridols standards...

Grind that axe tho..

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