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  1. A lot of "Axl being Axl" behavior over the years would make a lot of sense if he were bipolar and eventually started getting treated for it. I mean, didn't he have a psychic and stuff in the early 90's? I think he was doing therapy back then, too. There always seemed to be some unhappiness he was looking for the answer to. I really don't think they're working on Axl's leftovers because it just makes the most sense, it feels like there's something they're working around something - and, really, this goes back decades. Why did it really take almost 15 years to get Chinese Democracy out and why did Axl go radio silent when it did?
  2. But when was he last working on this old stuff? I don't know what he's been up to since Chinese Democracy but there's been little to no talk of him actually working on anything. All that's leaked seems to be decades old, it's not like he's been working on this stuff day after day for 20 years so of course he'd want to get it released. If Slash and Duff re-joined in like 2006 I'd understand focusing on what Axl already had but Chinese Democracy came out 13 years ago and now they're just playing with the leftovers. It just seems like such an odd way to go about releasing new music that there has to be some reason behind it - and I suspect it's because Axl either has nothing to say lyrically or doesn't have the voice left to say it if he does. It doesn't seem like he's adding anything new to this stuff.
  3. I think Hard Skool is great but Silkworms/Absurd wasn't anything that was so brilliant it had to see the light of day. Slash and Duff re-joining GNR and playing with old Chinese Democracy demos with no firm commitment to a new album suggests there's something they're working around.
  4. GNR's plan for new music being Slash and Duff re-working anything that already has a 20 year old vocal track on it sounds to me like they're trying to work around Axl's present day voice.
  5. And in that Bugs Bunny cartoon, crazy as that sentence was to just type. Maybe he can still bring it in small doses or in the studio but he's sounded how he sounds live long enough now that it's just what I expect.
  6. I said this in the show thread but I've been Team AXL for 20 years and I'm as pro-Axl in anything he does as a person can be.... But his voice is what it is. It's been like this for years and we're constantly telling ourselves it'll get better but it doesn't. And their efforts towards new music have been to use whatever already has a 20 year old Axl vocal track on it.
  7. I love Axl. I was Team Axl for 20 years. I'm still Team Axl. I happen to be wearing a GNR shirt with Axl alone on it as I type this. But there's a lot of evidence piling up that his voice is gone. The way he sounds live more often than not, the fact that their Plan A for new music is to rework songs that already have his vocal track from 20 years ago on it... I didn't think he sounded great on Hard Skool but he didn't sound any worse than he does a lot of times these days.
  8. It wouldn't be a practical use of time or money but hearing what Slash and Duff bring to these songs makes me want to hear their take on Chinese Democracy.
  9. When you pre-order do they charge you right away or charge you when it's about to ship?
  10. I like Hard Skool. Absurd was alright. But is Axl's voice shot or something? Because it seems like whatever they record or release it has to already have an Axl vocal track on it.
  11. My guess is everything but Axl's vocals are new, so I guess Frank.
  12. I didn't like it when I first brought it up on my phone, I think because I was used to the demo version I had been listening to for a year or so. But when I played it loud in my car, I love it. Slash and Duff just add an energy to these songs that wasn't there in the demos.
  13. There's too much good stuff there for one album, probably not enough for two full albums. I mean, aside from trashing My World I really wouldn't change anything. Plus at this point it seemed like everyone had their own songs they wanted to get in there.
  14. They could be teasing it for later? I mean, they just released ABSURD, releasing a new song now would be fast for any band, let alone this one. Someone on Twitter or whatever it was saying Axl told them Hard Skool is coming out soon while the band soundchecks it like they've done numerous times doesn't mean it was meant to be released tonight like people assumed.
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