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  1. And your point? The legal side of this comes with them rejoining the band DUE to the vacancies. its not like Slaah and Duff one day woke up and said "holy shit, we have ownership in GnR let's go kick out Tommy and BBF"
  2. When will you guys realize this isn't a reunion. Slash and Duff rejoined because those spots were vacant. richard and frank aren't gonna get kicked out of the band for Steven or Izzy. Clearly. Apparently Ashba was even still welcometo stay in the band but left to focus on 6am. So Steven isn't going to take Frank's gig no matter how much all of you cry.
  3. Speaking for myself, guessI can comprehendwhy many may feel like that.... But opinions and facts are two very different things. Chinese Democracy is indeed a GNR record. Regardless of how you are anyone else feels about that.... What's amazing is that when Slash rejoined, you could just feel all the anti Chi Dem "fans" just hoping that CDwould get ignored on this tour. Slash playing these songs must be agonizing for all the anti Chi Dem era fans!
  4. Nothing I love more than reading all these butt hurt fans complaining about Slash playing GNR songs! Get over it bros, Slash clearly accepts those songs as legitimate GNR songs, it's time y'all do too.
  5. Umm Ashba was asked to stay, and Tommy left due to personal reasons. Hell Tommy was at the show last night and made some really nice comments about Guns publicly on his instagram account... But please carry on.
  6. Or, I think, he just enjoys playing those songs more than any of the other material. It's refreshing to see that he's still pushing CD and not making this a nostalgia reunion type tour that just celebrates the glory days.
  7. I don't get why everyone assumes that Axl hates him.... I personally think he wasn't asked back solely because there wasn't a drum vacany like there was for bass and guitar. No more no less.
  8. AC/DC for the sole fact that their albums still sell really well despite the declining record sales. So you add their already strong fanbase that buys their records AND the GNR fans who would buy as well, then Axl/DC sells way better.
  9. AXL/DC Setlist wishlists

    Ride on
  10. Tommy Stinson comments on Axl/Dc

    What else can you say.. Tommy was always loyalwhen it cameto GNR and seemsto be a genuine friend to Axl. I've met him a few times and always the dude was a class act.
  11. Yea, I think if he stuck around it would have been Slash doing what he's doing now, Ashba doing what Fortus does now, and Fortus doing just rhythm.
  12. I think that key have been the original plan... But based off of some of the remarks and the way Axl sounds, I have a feeling he may stick around.
  13. Axl/DC= New music thread

    Exactly. Imagine AC/DC recapturing that Dog Eat Dog/Sin City/Ride On type vibe!
  14. Rehearsal at Venue in Lisbon Video

    Unbelievable. Seriously I pray we at least get a live album out of this. Hell the way he sounds with them I think i might want an Axl/DC record over a new GNR record.