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  1. LOVE the trigger warning!! no more slither..... hmmmm. (I actually really like that song and it would have been cool to hear axl sing it)
  2. I think the disconnect with NuGNR was always the lack of publicity, obviously. But a majority of the live shows and you could tell the chemistry, and whatever limited public stuff they did, they (regardless of lineup) were always very much a band. I think about that TV spot for Turkey or Axl's interview with Kimmel. It was very much we/us. my personal belief is that they felt that if they did publicity there would always be the naysayers and the bad press (whether right or wrong) so why bother.
  3. Totally! Listen to the first two Maiden albums and then listen to their recent stuff. Same with Judas Priest.
  4. Yep. That's basically how I read the situation. The way the lawsuit played out in the mid 2000's was for 1/4ths ownership between the 4.
  5. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ozzy-osbourne-sues-tony-iommi-over-ownership-of-black-sabbath-name/ Looks like they were fighting over it..... As it relates here.... Guns N Roses put out CD... No court battles there.
  6. The four members of Heaven & Hell recorded and toured together as Black Sabbath from 1980 to 1982, and again from 1991 to 1992. After they reunited to record three new songs for the 2007 compilation album, Black Sabbath: The Dio Years, they embarked on a 2007–2008 tour. Iommi, owner of the Black Sabbath name, decided to call the touring group Heaven & Hell[1] to differentiate the project from the Ozzy Osbourne-led Black Sabbath.[2] The moniker was taken from the first Dio-fronted Black Sabbath album, Heaven and Hell. According to Iommi, the name change was made so that fans at concerts would not expect "to hear “Iron Man” and “War Pigs” and all that... it’s none of the old stuff, it’s none of the Ozzy period. It’s all Dio stuff. So by calling ourselves Heaven and Hell, it’s revisiting that period."[3]
  7. Assume much? Also, WRONg on the Heaven and Hell comparison. Nice try though. Tony owns the name and could call it whatever he wanted to. They just toured as Heaven and Hell so nobody would come to the concerts upset because Dio wasn't playing Ozzy material. Big difference. If Tony still wanted to play the Ozzy material at that point he would have, and not changed the name.
  8. Ummm... You have denial of facts. Plain and simple. You are choosing to not recoginze something that has already been proven. You're an earth is flat guy.
  9. Then according to that logic, which I dont agree with.. But for argument's sake... What we have now is just a continuation of Axl at the helm, and Duff and Slash rejoining, but with a bigger percentage?
  10. So is living in denial and not being able to cope with facts that dont fit in to your own view of how you think things should be. Boo Hoo.
  11. Wrong. Had there been an issue from 1998-2014 with the use of the name there would have undoubtedly been major court interference. It happens all the time. In this case, even Duff n Matt stayed in the band for a period after Slash left. Then Duff and Matt eventually left and Axl had to get new members The band continued and the lineups changed. This is no different than the evolution of bands like Van Halen, Journey, Black Sabbath, etc.
  12. Jesus... What a stale argument this has become. Here are the UNDISPUTED facts. Chinese Democracy is a Guns N Roses record. Nothing you, or anyone else can say or do anything to dispute that. It is what it is regardless of how you feel. Slash and Duff rejoined GNR and are on tour, and currently they are playing songs off of all GNR records, including CD. All this back in forth can't dispute the above facts. What it seems to me is that there are a bunch of people that did not agree with how GNR continued on with Slash and Duff, and can now no longer come to terms with the fact that Duff and Slash play these songs live. And that's fine I guess, given that them playing these songs challenges your notions of what you want GNR to be... But nothing is gonna change the facts of Chinese Democracy being a GNR record. Nothing. Slash and Duff are playing them live, Izzy has toured with gnr in 2206 and 2010-2012, I suggest that you guys get over it. For fucks sake, SLash, Duff, and IZzzy have.