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  1. Then how does that explain the Chinese songs being played?
  2. :-( sorry I had an opinion on something. I'll try not to next time.
  3. As to the prices... I don't think that's indicative of either in my opinion. Rather it's the promoters knowing that getting Axl and Slash on the same stage, regardless of who is in the band,is something people will pay anything to see. Especially given that most people had thought that them playing together again had a snowballs chance in hell, hence "not in this lifetime."
  4. Simple question. I'm starting this topic becauseI've been seeing a lot of debate, which I've taken part of,as to whether this is a reunion tour or a continuation of GnR from 2014. Just trying to get a feeling on the overall forum's view. My personal take is that it's a continuation given that we know Tommy left for family reasons, which led to Duff filling in and eventually replacing him. BBF left for God knows why, but it seems like he wantedto leave, hence Slash coming back in to fill in that guitar spot.And the recent news that DJ could have still been involved if he wanted to, but voluntarily left to focus on sixx am. Discuss!
  5. This only further solidifies the fact that this current lineup is a product of Tommy voluntarily leaving for family reasons and BBF leaving for reasons not really known.
  6. EXACTLY! I don't understand why this is such s hard concept for so manyto grasp....
  7. So to you the only reason Slash's playing is sufferingat the moment (in your opinion, I think it's fine) is because of everyone else.... By that logic, how come duff's playing hasn't suffered? He's locked in just fine with the songs and tempos... He has no problem now, nor did he in 2014.
  8. its pretty amazing to see so many people so butt hurt!!Does the concept that Slash rejoined Guns N Roses really bother you all that much that you have to trick yourselves into believing that this was a reunion to believe it???? I mean you guys are calling for former members to rejoin GNR as if GnR stopped to exist since the mid 90s... Izzy has played with GnR countless times with no issue.Duff toured with GnR filling in for then bassist Tommy with no issue.And nown Slash has come back in the fold to take over for Ashba/BBF. Why is this such a hard notion for all of you to get? The former members at the time had no issue with iplaying with the then current lineups.Why do all of you have an issue with it? This is a serious question. @madison@Tom-Ass
  9. Ur missing my point though... You seem to have the idea that the band is promoting it as a reunion. And while I agree the promoters and media may be angling it that way to make more $$$, in no way shape or form has the band. Further evidenced by going on stage everynight, introducing everyobne respectfully, case in point the Richard quote, and even going out of their way to make it a point to introduce Melissa as the new member. It's not like the band is going out as if it is kustSlash Duff and Axl like the Stones do now. This isn't a reunion, and never has been one. So arguing for Matt or Izzy or Adler is completely moot. Since the shows have started and everyone knows who is in the band your reunion argument is invalid.
  10. Izzy and steven

    You guys ever read what Slash used to say about Izzy regarding Tel Aviv? Brutal..
  11. How mad does this pic make you?
  12. From what I remember, Fortus did tell someone once via facebook that Slash did want him in his band when responding to somebody who said something along the lines of Slash thinks your garbage. Paraphrasing here, but that was the slant of it.
  13. Tom Brady suspension reinstated

    Insane that this happened... But spin zone, it maybe a good thing to keep Brady fresh. They actually loaded their offense this offseason so I can see them going 2-2 at worse in the first 4 without him.
  14. How does it make you feel when Axl announces Melissa Reese as the NEW memberin the band? Or when you see Slash and Frank hug after a show? These guys are doing a hell of a job tricking everyone into thinking this is a reunion!