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  1. 14 Years demo - awesome outro

    Holy shit. This version is bad ass!
  2. Chris Pitman Appreciation Thread

    Exactly. He will be forever immortalized as Neil Pittman from now on.
  3. 2º Bridge School Benefit Show Oct 21, 2012

    I didn't even know he had strep. I rarely come on these forums anymore... Seriously the cupcakes are out of control....I would never spend my time on a forum just to complain... My life is way too rad to focus on the negative... But to each their own I guess. But yea, he sounded awesome.
  4. 2º Bridge School Benefit Show Oct 21, 2012

    Just got back from the show. Fucking amazing!!!! I love this band so much! Seriously the chemistry between the members was perfect, axl sounded great, and the performance with Neil wa legendary. The look on axl and Richards faces when they were just watching Neil perform was priceless. Can't wait for Vegas!!!!!
  5. VMA performance was 10 years ago today

    You see things your way, I see them my way.... :-)
  6. VMA performance was 10 years ago today

    Richard Fortus is, was, and will always be one of the best showmen and guitarists out there. When I saw this performance I was taken back by his stage presence. Also looking back, Axl did not sound as bad as everyone made it out to be. Also, I bet if he wasn't with braids, and had his look now, he would have been judged much more differently. But you know what, kudos to Axl for looking however the fuck he wanted to look, and bringing out characters like Bucket and Finck with no regards what anyone would think. That my friends is true rock n roll.
  7. GnR doing 12 shows in Vegas General Discussion Thread.

    Umm this isn't technically a residency. It's a great opportunity for all involved. The hard rock gets to have gnr there for 12 shows. Gnr can play a twelve shows without having to move gear and travel. Also, it's great exposure for gnr because the stay in the same city but play a different crowd every night.
  8. Top 25 Guns N' Roses songs of all time

    1. Oh My God 2. Scraped 3. it's so easy 4. Right next door to hell 5. Better 6. Rocket Queen 7. Prostitute 8. Estranged
  9. oh my god its so easy better rocket queen estranged
  10. The Dark Knight Rises

    Disappointing. That's all I can say.
  11. Izzy vs. Gilby (solo work only!)

  12. Anyone else think Motley Crue SUCK?

    First two albums are pretty fucking good. Also, the Corabi album was solid as well.
  13. Ted

    Loved the movie!
  14. Daniel Tosh rape joke

    People can be offended all they want. The pont is, don't be surprised when you are. It's a big world out there filled with people who see things a lot differently than you or I do. So when they say something that offends you or I, just realize, big fucking deal, and carry on.
  15. Daniel Tosh rape joke

    Tosh sucks, but that's irrelevant. If you are offended by a rape joke.... well then, fuck you. The world doesn't revolve around you. People are gonna say some fucked up shit in this life, and if it bothers you, all i can say is man the fuck up... It's 2012, if someone is gonna get offended about rape, race, sexes, stereotypes etc. jokes, then that really sucks for you.