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  1. Bill Maher must be exceptionally high if he thinks he deserves any of the credit for Milo's downfall. The guy literally challenged Milo on none of his most egregious and incendiary remarks while on his show and now thinks he's personally responsible for the general rebuke Milo received this week. Maher can be on point with respect to certain issues, but on this one, he's really wedged his head up his own ass.
  2. Tucker Carlson misrepresenting...
  3. "A greater percentage of Republicans support Trump than backed Ronald Reagan after his first four weeks in the Oval Office."
  4. Forum in the midst up of an update.  Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.

  5. More statistical based evidence that the 2016 election result wasn't the product of Trump flipping Obama voters or Democrats... Democrats just didn't show up.
  6. She had a three to four point national lead in the national polls. She ended up with a two percent lead. Most of the swing states that Trump won showed virtual tie a day or two before the election, with Clinton leading by one or two points in polling prior to the election, all within the margin of error (save for Ohio, where the polls got it really wrong). The point is, you're simply grafting your own issues onto the election without any evidence of support. The Republican candidate has won the white vote in every Presidential election since 1968. The last time a Democratic candidate carried the white vote was LBJ's victory over Goldwater in 1964. Pointing to this fact doesn't render your analysis on why people voted for Trump true.
  7. What you're failing to understand is that there's no evidence in either polling data or anything else that indicates that Trump won for any of the reasons you or others are making. You're using the election to reinforce your opinion whether it's valid or not. You haven't provided anything that verifies what you're stating. Demographic polling results shows no large shifts in voting patterns from 2012 to 2016. The only major difference is that the voting block that came out strong for Obama in 2012 stayed home in 2016. That's it. I could very easily suggest that the election is a result of Clinton supporters and Trump opponents feeling too confident of the election results, leading many to stay at home. It could also suggest that Comey's announcement regarding Clinton eight or nine days before the election had a chilling effect on Clinton turn out. But yourself and others want to make this election about some asinine point that you've been making long before the actual election. Trump's victory isn't proof of your claim despite how much you and others want it to be.
  8. Right, so all those out-of-work blue-collar workers in the rust belt decided to cast their vote for a candidate because they're tired of being called out for being offensive; it had nothing to do with how one candidate promised the return of jobs that aren't coming back versus a candidate who appeared to give less fucks about them.
  9. The Hitler comparisons were off-base and inaccurate. A better comparison would have been Mao Zedong:
  10. So the election was won because of racists people like Ed Norton's dad in American History X? Polls were accurate; almost all of them were within the margins of error.
  11. So if people are tired of people calling Trump Hitler, where were they when they were calling Obama a despot, the devil, a foreigner? Democrats aren't crumbling. If you look at the exit polling, Clinton did better with white than Obama did in 2012. The big difference was the Democratic base didn't come out as expected whereas the Republican base did. We can debate as to why, but that's not the same discussion as the one you and others want to have about Trump converting an entire swath of Obama voters/democrats/independents. That didn't happen.
  12. He, along with anyone else, is allowed to respond to any post so long as they abide by the rules. It's a public discussion forum. If you don't want people responding to your opinions, refrain from making them public.
  13. Too bad. There's an ignore feature on this forum that we encourage anyone to use if they do not wish to read responses to your posts.
  14. Okay, calm down. Those people you speak of were never going to vote Democrat anyway. Blue-collar and uneducated whites who are bothered by tolerance and respect for others have largely voted Republican for decades.