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  1. Or maybe that's just Axl's opinion, regardless of what others think.
  2. Let's please personal insults out of our posts. Fair to disagree, but not cool to disparage a person because they hold a different view than yourself.
  3. We're fine with rock stars driving Ferraris, living in Malibu mansions, sleeping with groupies, telling security guards or really anyone to fuck off, showing up three hours late to concerts, etc... That's all great, but fuck them if they speak out on a topic they hold strong opinions on.
  4. By almost every measure Axl hasn't done much to further his career until very recently. The notion that he should censor himself out of fear of commercial loss fails to consider how he's operated for the past 20+ years. I get that some people don't like celebrities speaking their minds on social and political issues. As fans, our interests are generally tied with their creative talents and less so with who they are as a person and their opinions. But I also find that people generally only take issue with celebrities who hold different view points than their own. Moreover, just as you and I say whatever we want online or in person, a famous person doesn't lose that right simply because of their fame. They still pay taxes and are every much the citizen as non-famous people. To chide someone like Axl or any well-known or creative person for speaking their minds is hypocritical unless you're willing to criticize everyone, famous or not, for being open with their opinions.
  5. If the GOP and Trump don't get a legislative win before the 2018 mid-terms, I can see Trump not running for a second term. Other than playing a lot of golf and honking the horn on an 18 wheeler, he doesn't look like he's having a lot of fun. He'll likely blame Congress and say it's an impossible job and that he can do more to help Americans by returning to the private sector in an effort to create jobs. I don't think he was really all that serious about the job anyway. Now it's compounded by the fact that he can't run the country like he though he could.
  6. It's definitely not a trend that is going to stop or reverse. Biggest issue with the automation of work as it applies to current economies concerns the transpiration industry. I read somewhere that one in five or six jobs in the US are tied in some way to transportation (i.e manufacturing of transport machines, trucking, driving, etc.). The US economy will be transformed dramatically (and I'm assuming, not in a very good way) if and when trucking companies use automated trucks to ship goods across the country. Not only will this negatively affect one of the few well-paying jobs that don't require higher education, it will decimate the small towns that depend on truckers passing through. It's going to get very ugly and something no political party or personality has an answer for other than offering a government provided basic income and/or taxing automation/robot machines that replace real life jobs.
  7. This is why the GOP's healthcare implosion is going to hurt their effort on tax reform: What we're likely to see, assuming they actually pass something, is a tax bill very similar to the legislation signed by W. Bush back in 2001: deficit financed tax cuts that largely benefit the top 10 percent and corporate interests. The fiscal discipline that the GOP demanded through the Obama administration will give way to crass political opportunism that will further expand deficits and add to the overall national debt. They could have made some of the upcoming cuts revenue neutral by applying the cuts made to healthcare to pay for the tax cuts. But since that's no longer an option, we're likely going to see a ten year term of drastic cuts to the top marginal rates and smaller cuts to lower and middle earners. If you liked the W. Bush domestic agenda, it seems as though Trump and the GOP have good news for you.
  8. Yeah, because Axl's the kind of guy who would take pleasure in being acknowledged by someone like Trump...
  9. The problem is the mobile-gaming business isn't the cash cow it once was. I definitely think the Switch fills a need that people can't get from their smartphones, but Nintendo is no longer the only legitimate player in the mobile-gaming market. Where they could afford to lose on the console market for a generation or two, that luxury is one they're losing. And yes they have a good size cash reserve, but at $4.6 billion USD as of a year ago, it's less than half what it was 10 years ago. They can certainly afford to lose hundreds of millions for two decades and still remain viable, but that's not something shareholders are likely willing to accept.
  10. Sorry, I meant to say she was not banned from the Blaze, but auto-spell did me in again.
  11. And she's not banned from the Blaze. As repugnant and ridiculous as she is, she's definitely not being treated fairly in this situation. Though, I expect to see her on Fox News within a month.
  12. When you say profit, are you talking about the cost of the components alone or does the profit margin include design, marketing, and overhead costs? From the breakdown of console units I've seen, I think when Nintendo says they make a profit off every system, they're not including these extra costs. Nintendo did make money through the Gamecube years, but it's impossible to determine based on the information available whether most revenue came from its handheld business and console market. My guess is that Nintendo survived largely on its hand-held business, which was incredibly successful and faced very little competition for two decades. Point is, even if Nintendo scrapes a little bit of profit of each system, it still won't survive once it factors in design, marketing, and administrative costs. Nintendo needed people to buy one game to turn a profit on each Wii U sold (which I assume most Wii U owners did). But the big N lost a lot of money from the Wii U. What will determine the success of the Switch is consoles sold and attach rate. Nintendo can do well even if they don't see a lot of Switches so long as it hits a targeted game attach rate. But the fewer consoles sold, the higher the attach rate needs to be. Time will tell if that happens.
  13. What gives you any indication that Trump and the GOP will attempt to do healthcare again in the next 18 months prior to the midterms? This issue is done for the foreseeable future. They couldn't even get something out of the House. Good luck thinking they'll spend any more political capital on this issue. I can TOTALLY see that happening...
  14. So there's going to be a vote early tomorrow with no certainty that the GOP has the votes to pass the bill. Apparently Trump has issued an ultimatum that if the party doesn't get behind this bill he'll move on and Obamacare will stand as is. Them some high stakes.
  15. Maybe not?