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  1. The only way we'll ever hear those songs cleaned-up is on a deluxe edition of AFD or something. I don't believe they will ever go back to them. There's no reason to. They've grown as song writers. Axl would most likely ask them to add guitars to the dozens of CD songs he has stored up, before he would go back to those 30 year old songs.
  2. GN'R need to work on a new/old song, at least one. Trash the CD material. Gimme' something new.

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    2. 31illusions


      Since you simply do not understand. A new/old song means write a new song or work on a old unreleased song and make it new. Anything, except redoing a CD song. Which I couldn't care less about. How's that?

    3. Sosso


      I hope that there are as much songsas possible from CD a new album

    4. supercool


      this "band" needs so many things to be cool again.... they need izzy back, they need sorum back, and yes, they need new songs. without new songs it's just nostalgia without creativity.

  3. I support Trump. So glad Republicans are in power. They need to get consensus amongst themselves but I think he's doing a fine job.
  4. Best Zelda game ever. I played it through the right way, no short-cuts. Took me about 60 days, at that I'm only 34% complete. I still play doing side missions. I feel like I could play forever exploring new things. Might try the expansion pack coming out too.
  5. He's a member, not anybodies favorite, nonetheless he's in. He's milked it for a long time now, but really i can't blame him, he'd be homeless or something if he wasn't in GN'R.
  6. I didn't like it. I don't like origin stories much, reminds me of Captain America: TFA. Intro was nice but after they left the island it was very slow and all downhill. I don't recommend.
  7. On Appetite? Am I the only one to hear it? I hear something like "I must be losing my falling heart, Are you blind?" That's the way I've interpreted it for 30 years now. Played live I hear the correct words though.
  8. Several mistakes on AFD. IMO Steven doesn't complete the last drum fill build-up after the break down on "I-I-I-I where do we go now" then corrects and finishes the fill. The biggest mistake is on PC Axl sings something weird instead of "I must be losing my mind, are you blind?"
  9. At Kansas City it was smaller, split in 2 and only half full. I think the pricing had something to do with that.
  10. http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/850901-arnold-schwarzenegger-will-be-back-for-new-terminator-movie “It is back! It is moving forward. He (Cameron) has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise. I will be in the movie,”
  11. So, how does one buy tickets with out renewing your subscription? It's a rip off, unless you MUST HAVE the merchandise. Need some help please.
  12. So If I buy tickets on the first day, do I have pay the stupid Nightrain fee again? It's not worth anything.
  13. Bought one at midnight sale. Waited 6 hours (didn't need to though) first in line. I'm a Zelda fan, so I have no choice but to buy it! lol. Console much smaller than I thought. I won't use the portable aspect much (as I have a 3ds) so I'll just play at home. Looking forward to other games like Mario and Mario Cart, maybe even a Donkey Kong game. Can't help it, I'm old school.
  14. I love Sci-fi. The movie was just OK. Very anticlimactic. Leads up to nothing. Aliens were cool but lame ending.
  15. A good President for killing millions of unborn children, trying to force his opinion of bathroom laws on thousands of schools, taxing people to death with Obmamacare, or allowing million of illegal aliens to become citizens. All which miserably failed. Obama will go down as the President who had most of his laws thrown out, either by Vote or by Trump, For which I am eternally grateful.