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  1. Bought one at midnight sale. Waited 6 hours (didn't need to though) first in line. I'm a Zelda fan, so I have no choice but to buy it! lol. Console much smaller than I thought. I won't use the portable aspect much (as I have a 3ds) so I'll just play at home. Looking forward to other games like Mario and Mario Cart, maybe even a Donkey Kong game. Can't help it, I'm old school.
  2. I love Sci-fi. The movie was just OK. Very anticlimactic. Leads up to nothing. Aliens were cool but lame ending.
  3. A good President for killing millions of unborn children, trying to force his opinion of bathroom laws on thousands of schools, taxing people to death with Obmamacare, or allowing million of illegal aliens to become citizens. All which miserably failed. Obama will go down as the President who had most of his laws thrown out, either by Vote or by Trump, For which I am eternally grateful.
  4. Guns and Alcohol, what a neat combination. I don't drink, so you can have at it. Republicans want to defund abortions and stop using dead babies for stem cell research and to keep taxpayers from paying for something they do not believe in.
  5. I have this Tattoo. Got it in the 90's. I met Steven few years ago. I got my pic with him holding our tattoos next to each other.
  6. The only people who support Hillary are either Gay, illegal immigrants or women who kill their babies through abortion. Because that's what Democrats support.
  7. Been a fan of Steven since 1989. He inspired me to play drums. Got to meet him few years ago when he played with Adlers Appetite. Dream come true. Got my pic with him and everything.
  8. See my post I made previously.
  9. If there's anything I've learned as an adult about politics is that Democrats are about abortion, gay rights, Obamacare and illegal immigration. While Republicans are about conservatism, pro-life, God and religious freedom. This isn't my opinion, it's just an actual fact about both parties. Which is why I consider my self a republican now. That is why Hillary is simply the wrong person to ever lead this country.
  10. Well I saw the movie. All I can say is Wow. It was fantastic. Very Trek oriented. Lots of Easter eggs in it for the fans. It was 85% action. Great story. I didn't even care Sulu was gay. The movie was well written and Justin Lin did a great job! I might even see it again.
  11. Yes true. TBH DS9 was never my favorite. As for Star Trek V, it was poor attempt at a God story line which turned out to be an alien anyway, but they did try I guess. Yes, but the character was played by a woman who fell for Riker who was a man. So it wasn't really a stretch IMO.
  12. What a terrible song. Brings the whole show down. Even Slash can't polish this turd.
  13. I'm debating even watching this movie. I'm a die hard trekker obviously, but when they decided to make Sulu gay (which even George Takei dislikes) It really ruins it for me. Star trek has never really been about sex or sexual orientation with the exception of Kirk, who loves women. I mean 90% of the characters aren't even married. Star trek is kind of like the military, I mean these people are at work. Star trek doesn't even discuss God, faith or religion and until now, sexual orientation. Just to throw that crap in there to suit this terrible trend of putting gays in movies (as if it's cool) is just a terrible idea. You can mess with a lot of things but to screw with MY Star trek that I've supported for 30 years is a No Go in my opinion. What's next? Is Axl going to write a song about a gay relationship? Would you support that? Hmmm.... I wonder.
  14. Watched the Ultimate edition today. First time watching the movie. I didn't like it much. To long, dark and to slow to get to the action. Eisenberg is a terrible Luthor. It had a few moments I liked but I can see why it got mixed reviews. I don't have high hope for Justice league.
  15. waitin' on Adler....