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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    If there's anything I've learned as an adult about politics is that Democrats are about abortion, gay rights, Obamacare and illegal immigration. While Republicans are about conservatism, pro-life, God and religious freedom. This isn't my opinion, it's just an actual fact about both parties. Which is why I consider my self a republican now. That is why Hillary is simply the wrong person to ever lead this country.
  2. Star Trek Beyond

    Well I saw the movie. All I can say is Wow. It was fantastic. Very Trek oriented. Lots ofEaster eggs in it for the fans. It was 85% action. Great story. I didn't even care Sulu was gay. The movie was well written and Justin Lin did a great job! I might even see it again.
  3. Star Trek Beyond

    Yes true. TBH DS9 was never my favorite. As for Star Trek V, it was poor attempt at a God story line which turned out to be an alien anyway, but they did try I guess. Yes, but the character was played by a woman who fell for Riker who was a man. So it wasn't really a stretch IMO.
  4. Sorry

    What a terrible song. Brings the whole show down. Even Slash can't polish this turd.
  5. Star Trek Beyond

    I'm debating even watching this movie. I'm a die hard trekker obviously, but when they decided to make Sulu gay (which even George Takei dislikes) It really ruins it for me. Star trek has never really been about sex or sexual orientationwith the exception of Kirk, who loves women. I mean 90% of the characters aren't even married. Star trek is kind of like the military, I mean these people are atwork. Star trek doesn't even discuss God, faith or religion and until now, sexual orientation. Just to throw that crap in there to suit this terrible trend of putting gays in movies (as if it's cool) is just a terrible idea. You can mess with a lot of things but to screw with MYStar trek that I've supported for 30 years is a No Goin my opinion. What's next? Is Axl going to write a song about a gay relationship? Would you support that? Hmmm.... I wonder.
  6. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Watched the Ultimate edition today. First time watching the movie. I didn't like it much. To long, dark and to slow to get to the action. Eisenberg is a terrible Luthor. It had a few moments I liked but I can see why it got mixed reviews. I don't have high hope for Justice league.
  7. When I watch periscope on my computer it's really tiny, does anyone how to fix this?
  8. How's it going Marc?

    Why is this section still open? You can just archive it.
  9. Decided to give my review of the show. It was great considering I waited close to 30 years to see the original 3 play together. Big screens, flames, explosions and fireworks made it a great show. Axl seemed to sing the wrong lyrics a few times, but no Biggie. Slash was awesome as usual. All 3 seemed happy and enjoying the show. I was on the right side of the stage, It was interesting to watch Fernando often lead scantily clad women into the pit from the back stage area, lol. It was Weird to see Duff play without a pick a few times, Didn't know he could! It was a long drive to the show, so I was tired when it was over. 3 hours is a pretty long show time. But well worth it! I feel I've accomplished my goals of seeing my favorite band of all time. Time to set some new goals for my life. If you haven't had a chance to check them out. DO IT! You won't regret it.... Live long and Prosper!
  10. I swapped mine out too. I still have the original ticket, I assume the bar code will not be valid, but you never know! This is going to be pretty cool tonight. I'll be wearing my GN'R shirt of course!
  11. $30 bucks for parking? Highway robbery! So is most of the ticket prices. Glad I'm only doing this once.
  12. Independence Day: Resurgence

    Saw this movie today. It was ok, not bad. Pretty Slow in the beginning but picked up near the end. The only bad thing in the movie was (IMO) making Brent Spiners' character Gay. SMH, It was very sad to ruin a perfectly good character like this. Kind ofgross and unnecessary to shove that in there. Other than that It was fine. I'm sure there will be a 3rd.
  13. Twat is a filler song except for Bucketheads' contribution. TIL is Axls' baby, it's mostly just piano.
  14. Nice Video. Never really liked Robin. Only thing he ever did worth mentioning is Better and The Blues.