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  1. Yeah, I thought I better get my tickets before they're gone. I Bought my pre-sale tix only to see the general sale had closer seats. Total waste of money.
  2. Nightrain Membership Merchandise

    Originally I thought we get a shirt, a laminate and something else. Now it looks like just a shirt. A $45 dollar shirt. Nice.
  3. Night Train and ticket sales

    I need some help. I bought my ticketson Ticketmaster, I bought the Nightrain presale on Ticketmaster also. How do I redeem my membership at Nightrain? I believe it come with some items I get for my paid membership.
  4. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    I delete my files several times a day. just to be safe. Seems to be ok for now. Maybe it was MYGNR being overloaded with people slowing it down? Not sure.
  5. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    For several days now I cannot stay logged in. I use a home PC. I have to log in twice and when I look at a different page it logs me out. Very frustrating.
  6. Night Train and ticket sales

    I bought the membership today with my tickets and IDK how to use it. lol
  7. Night Train and ticket sales

    I'm seeing Tix for $150 and less in the upper level and that's with the Nightrain membership. I'm lower level section 117 and I paid less than $330 per ticket.
  8. Got Tix. Section 117 row 12. Right near Slash. Mine is lower level. I got that because I'm short and I cannot see over peoples' head on the floor. Happy to say I got the exact tickets I wanted. Waited 27 years to see Axl, Slash& Duff play together. Pretty excited.
  9. Estranged. It's Slashs' baby, Only he can play it right. Kansas city, MO
  10. Things couldn't have went better. They were on a small stage, not a lot of room to move around. You know, Slash has a PACEMAKER in his chest and he's 50. I think He's doing just fine.
  11. So, in order to get a good seat I need to pay like $50 bucks to join the official club and pay like 300 per ticket? Is there any way around that. It sounds like to much to me.
  12. Confirmation. Thanks for the post BS.
  13. One In A Million

    Been listening to GN'R Lies all week. Can't get over how great Slashs' solo is on OIAM. It's my favorite part.
  14. Star Wars-The Force Awakens Thread (Contains Spoilers)

    You know that episode never bothered me. I got the point of it though.It had Riker liking and character played by a woman. So it was not realistic. Now if it was played by a man? It may never had aired.
  15. Star Wars-The Force Awakens Thread (Contains Spoilers)

    Well I certainly will not be supporting any Star Wars movie with gay characters in itand I will encourage others not to support it either. Trying to force Ungodlybehavior on others is just wrong.