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  1. They way I remember is Axl was in negotiations with RRHOF to have his new band perform also or something to that effect and Axl waited till just before the show to back out via a letter he shared to the press.
  2. Wore my MyGNRForum shirt out today. No one even noticed or said anything. Honestly, I think there's some wrong with them.

    1. Towelie


      Were you hoping for high fives on every corner?

    2. 31illusions


      Haha! Of course, lol. MyGNR is da bomb!

  3. I liked it at first hearing the bootleg live version back in the day, but when the CD version came out, I thought it sucked, sounds like a demo to me.
  4. Love the Alt. mix Brownstone. The "wah" is awesome.
  5. Tour over priced for the demand?

    Pretty sure you totally misinterpreted my comment. Just stating that shows are a big deal now, they are in high demand, everyone wants to be there. With NuGN'R It was easy to get upfront for a decent price with no hassle. That's all I was saying. I know all about the UYI days also. I was there.
  6. Tour over priced for the demand?

    Saw GN'R few years ago for $90 bucks and got to stand in front of Axl. Most people left before the concert was over at 2 am. This whole thing reminds me of the UYI days. Large venues, high demand for tickets and no way to get up front without paying out the a$$.
  7. This Guys GNR Covers Kick Ass

    The best covers I've ever heard.
  8. Everything Zelda!

    Looks like Zelda: Twilight Princess is coming to Wii U. That's very cool, but why? Isn't the next version of Nintendo coming out in Dec. 2016? Which I assume, will debut the next new Zelda game.
  9. Yes, I like it. I do believe it has Matt on drums too.
  10. Just watched this movie. The cinematography is amazing. It's very different, strange, beautiful and captivating all at once. I watched the whole movie and didn't even know Tom Hardy was in it. I didn't recognize him. lol. Great movie. I liked it.
  11. Use Your Illusion Tie-Dye Shirt

    I have this shirt. (I wouldn't part with it) I only wear it to GN'R and Slash shows. I love it.
  12. I've had audio bootlegs of this version but first time seeing a video of it.
  13. Who says *fuck* at a funeral? weird.
  14. Slash posted rehearsal photo?

    I swear you people are HIGH!. It's the same room. Slash is rehearsing with Duff and some guys from NuGN'R. Didn't Duff post a pic of him with his bass and an old pic of GN'R? They been doing it. They snuck it under our noses.
  15. GN'R reuniting! What's your thoughts Marc?

    I'm curious Marc, were Slash and Axl friends before you made that uproxx doc? Did you have anything to do with them getting together like the doc suggest?