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  1. Someone who dare to tell Axl the truth...
  2. I think @Gibbo has someting...
  3. From YouTube?
  4. That voice in 93...
  5. In Denmark Youmusic there is a explicit version too. But only on WTTJ.
  6. He doesnt sound poor and it has been a great tour so far. But i agree on that he was better in 2016...
  7. Back in black. You can't rate it. Its In TWAT Axl should use that voice was from 2:05 - 2:25 more often...
  8. Well maybe only a live cd or download? But its interesting that they cancel the 2015 show...
  9. I dont know. Maybe they will replace it with an Axl/DC show...
  10. Sony France Information: DVD Live at Wrigley Field canceled. Next week we'll find out better. Which concert will they release instead?
  11. Axl and Angus should do a solo thing together. No GNR or AC/DC
  12. This is going to be interesting...
  13. Not my favourite AC/DC song but Axl's vocal... 😈🤘
  14. Great sound...
  15. This leg of the NITLT tour ends today. So what will happen in the next nearly 3 months break. I say its a golden opportunity for Axl and band to do something creative. Hopefully Axl thinks the same. It is his call. What will happen before the euro tour starts in late may....?