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  1. Have a nice day...
  2. Please stop your behaviour. We can disagree and thats fine. There's big different between sounding awful or not god, average and decent. I have heard a lot better performance from Axl but awful to me is RIR 2011 and Bridge school.
  3. Naah he don't...
  4. What is it with Cubas and World who has their name on almost all YouTube videos?
  5. You can also hear on some songs that his voice cracking! It doesn't sound healthy and it may hurt his voice in the future. But I would love to hear him sing AC/DC again...
  6. Another great media review...
  7. Well this is great...(not the quality)
  8. Axl have been pretty good in Australia but this sounds like the first concerts in Japan...
  9. Seems a little weaker than usual.
  10. Pretty much the same...
  12. Just a few minutes. Any links?
  13. Gunsnroses. Hello Perth! Tweet your section, row and seat using #GNRPerth if you're at the show tonight and you might get a surprise from us...
  14. Because its a huge job to been a frontman in 2 big bands.