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  1. Axl and Angus should do a solo thing together. No GNR or AC/DC
  2. This is going to be interesting...
  3. Not my favourite AC/DC song but Axl's vocal... 😈🤘
  4. Great sound...
  5. This leg of the NITLT tour ends today. So what will happen in the next nearly 3 months break. I say its a golden opportunity for Axl and band to do something creative. Hopefully Axl thinks the same. It is his call. What will happen before the euro tour starts in late may....?
  6. Its GNR we are talking about... :o/
  7. Its great to hear that Axl is strong on DC. A song he was strugling with in 11-14 period...
  8. Thomas Morgan Twitter Singapore Changi Exhibition Center is the seen of the biggest theft in the country's history. 50,000 ripped off. Horrible #GunsNRoses
  9. Don't get too excited...
  11. One of.... My favourite singer.
  12. Have a nice day...
  13. Please stop your behaviour. We can disagree and thats fine. There's big different between sounding awful or not god, average and decent. I have heard a lot better performance from Axl but awful to me is RIR 2011 and Bridge school.
  14. Naah he don't...