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  1. Agree. There are no way back. With no Slash there will be no more GNR. Axl can go solo but not under the GNR name.
  2. Based on the videos i watch today. Axl was a lot better on the second night. He is not holding back and you can hear the Axl/DC chainsaw voice again. Check Nightrain Coma Civil War. Just fantastic. And drop better. He doesn’t sound great on it.... Any This I Love videos?
  3. Axl's voice is a mystery...
  4. New songs on NITL tour? (New song rumoured for December)

    GNR will miss a BIG opportunity if they don't release anything new around christmas.
  5. 07/12/16 - Pittsburgh, PA - Heinz Field

    Fantastic Nightrain! 🤘
  6. Just listen to the Detroit footage. Axl have improved a lot since then... He just getting better and better...
  7. Stop the look shit. He sounds fuckin great and GNR kicks gigantic ass!
  8. CD2

    Would be cool if they went to the studio for a couple of days to make a song for a soundtrack... If we get at live album it will be AFTER the tour...
  9. CD2

    Would make perfekt sense. GNR are back together and its the easiest way to give the fans something new with some of the old songs. And the iron is hot...
  10. CD2

    Rumors says thatagreatest hits album(with new songs) could surface before Christmas...
  11. 07/03/16 - Chicago, IL - Solider Field

    Enjoy they are back....
  12. Where's the videos?