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  1. Well yes. But go to Nørrebro(district in Copenhagen) which is around a kilometer from the stadium...
  2. From what i have heard he sounds fine. Not 2016 US but definately not weak...
  3. Sounded great to me...
  4. Not that old. Its from around 1992. It was rebuild in 1991 and the roof came on around 2000. The roof can go on and off. On my ticket it says that the roof will be on...
  5. GNR back on stage?
  6. The roof will be on the stadium... 😳
  7. 5 days break. How much voice can he loose?
  8. At least its not videos from Axl/DC vs GNR 2017...
  9. This Coma version... Must be a blu ray out of that Houston concert...
  10. Same at The Telegraph facebook. People are very positive on Axl's voice and the band in generallly...
  11. Plenty of great comments on the Gurdians facebook side...
  12. I saw them in 93' and 06... 😎
  13. Houston was the best...
  14. They have to choose the right songs for a live performance.