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  1. 1:05 part of the video nailed it in real time. "Bright comet that will burn out."
  2. Did Slash get that thing going...?

    Izzy moved to Los Angeles and Axl followed him. If Izzy stayed in Indiana, Axl would’ve stayed in Indiana and I’m pretty sure his music career would have gone nowhere. Getting away from all his problems in Indiana was the best thing that ever happened for Axl.
  3. We don’t know. The original buyer paid $15,000. Axl4Life maybe paid less but still bound to be a serious chunk of change.
  4. The rumor is he created noise to get attention of Axl’s management so they would pay him off to back down on the potential leak. He shelled out a lot of cash for the discs and wanted his money back.
  5. Maybe he was hoping for YCBM approach on the next album.
  6. Other people have it. But that's no different than the hoarders of the past. I think they will all sit on it. Can't blame them for wanting to avoid legal trouble.
  7. Hard School sounds pretty badass to me and seems like it was good enough to be released with the rest of the album in 2008. Atlas is far more questionable. That one seems to have been overhyped.
  8. Had a little road trip on Sunday and played all of Appetite in the car. This has gotta be the best road trip album. Doesn’t get any better than cranking the volume on Appetite and hauling ass down the highway!
  9. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Even worse! Cheapskates.
  10. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Believe the offer was only for the early gigs such as Coachella. That was how it was reported at the time.
  11. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    They didn't give him a respectable offer though. The rumor was something like $40,000 per show. This is chump change.