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  1. He caused a ton of problems. But I also think he spoke the truth when he said his mental illness was bad enough that he should not have been allowed to be a touring artist in those days. People around him just wanted the cash cow. It led to a lot of chaos.
  2. And they censor the heck out of the old live performances on YouTube. A band popular enough to have numerous music videos each reaching 500+ million views, yet they don’t want the public to watch live performances from that time period. It’s a real shame.
  3. Guess it depends on your definition of effort. Nobody should accuse him of half-assing his live performances back in the day.
  4. Who made the decision to go with the bicycle artwork?
  5. I will never understand the hostile approach of Axl and his managers against the fanbase. It's really screwed up.
  6. Arguably been a dead band since Izzy quit in 1991.
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