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  1. I didn't really see it as a critique of GnR. I think that was mainly more a testament to how good of a drummer/songwriter Chad Smith is and how well they meshed-- In spite of Ozzy's people giving them such a tight deadline. Obviously no overt mentions of a new album, but my takeaways from the interview re: new material was that Slash & Duff are aware of "dropping" singles before the album is completed (as he mentioned Ozzy did) Duff wanted to discuss upcoming GnR stuff but wasn't sure of what was announced already. And Duff did say they were going to begin rehearsing later that day (for Miami)-- Another good sign.
  2. I don't see a thread about it-- Mods can merge or whatever
  3. Just saw an ad on the FOX broadcast of Seahawks vs Packers for a February 1st highlights show of the Super Bowl Music Fest. I can't find any further info online, but they advertised Guns N' Roses, Maroon 5, etc. Looks like we'll get a little national broadcast pro-shot snippet. Perhaps a song or two.
  4. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    My World is vicious & brilliant and stylistically should have been the direction they went for the mid 90s.
  5. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    I believe Niandra Lades was done concurrently while he was still in the group, in their Blood Sugar Sex Magic vintage. Smile From the Streets You Hold was released in 97, right about as he was hitting rock bottom and was a mix of all of the above, late 80's/90's to current at the time. Both albums went to drug money, but I remember hearing that post-addiction, he was embarrassed with Smile and pretty much tried to erase it from his discography. --- As far as this news of John's return-- Probably the most exciting thing I've read on this forum since news of Duff's wife leaking the reunion in 2015, and of course all the Mygnr/CSI leading up to the Troubadour. --- Just this morning I was reading an article about ataxia (the medical condition) which shares the name of John & Josh's old group. This is such great news. Stadium Arcadium felt like the pinnacle of modern rock lead guitar work and a culmination of that iteration. I totally get John's not wanting to tour and be apart of the music biz scene-- So I'm With You was a welcomed change. They tried something fresh and it worked. Only saw them live once in 2017 in support of Dark Necessities, which I never listened to in full-- But Josh was very good, meshed well. More of a focus on ambiance though, as opposed to John's raw fire. Hearing Aeroplane live was cool w/ Josh-- I never realized that John didn't play the Navarro songs live-- But I'd be ok omitting those albums from the setlist, if it means the possibility of seeing Frusicante live with RHCP. The potential for new music/album is so intriguing! Especially with all the electronic jazz Frusciante's been doing recently, he must have some repressed guitar driven songs that are waiting to be heard.
  6. Whaaaaa?!? There's been that many versions to leak over the years?
  7. Melissa on lead vocals?

    Fantastic idea. Hopefully they give her a spot to perform something similar to the haltime remixes with Brain. Let her introduce the lesser known songs on tour. She'd sound amazing on the open of Eye On You.
  8. I haven't heard these-- Not too keen on downloading but what's the difference in this versus what's been getting leaked a single song at a time? Is it just the studio mix of the tracks that is better? Are they full 44.1khz CD quality files or still low quality mp3s? Did this get leaked as a like a full zip of an album or singles of newer versions?
  9. Hahh!! Ok, I was ready to mark out. On that note though, are we to assume this was leaked by the wannabe wrestler who shall remain nameless?
  10. What the fuck?? Does he really reference kayfabe? This is brilliant lmao. If these lyrics are real, one can gather Axl was kicking back in the late 90's watching the Monday Night Wars. Didn't someone say one of the other instrumentals sounded like the Dudley Boy theme? Quicksong?
  11. Has anybody with tickets noticed if they say "non-transferable"? Curious if there's potential for another Black Keys fiasco, from buying on Stubhub?
  12. That sounds like a class action lawsuit waiting to happen
  13. Now I see it's gone up to $495 for early entry & merch? What the hell is that? Is Livenation modifying the price based on hits? I don't see nightrain on there anymore
  14. At least it got me out of bed early. Honestly the price was not as exorbitant as I feared it could be-- But that's still ridiculous, considering the short notice & the fact that the Citi exclusivity is fucking a lot of true fans. Kind of a relief though, to not have to worry about shelling out even half of that, when Doakesdaddy's got bills due.
  15. $400 for "early entry ticket merch & offer" on Livenation Not sure what the Citi deal is, but I have been priced out.