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  1. Has Izzy retired?

    Take a screenshot of that. 😂

    Hope they do it. And not just one gig!

    Where is my UYI Bluray gig?
  4. Waitin for the sale too. Im blufin 😂 I learned with the LnL.
  5. i would pay 1500 for a uyi boxset with 4 blurays shows.
  6. Close this shit. Its says nothin.
  7. I like a lot the show 1991-06-19 capital centre. MA. Axl fucked up his vocals on NR (and still fkn good) and the show goes to the end on kohd. Some nice rants too. Very raw.... with perfect crime in the middle of the set. Wow.
  8. They were young n poor. And they were hungry and a lot to say. Axl had it all. The (multiple) voices, the angry.... the show. Slash have the tone, feeling, the blues... And they used a lot of drugs n alcohol.... almost killed by that, but they had lucky too. The UYI was the highest. So sad that the egos, money and all the shit end ed the best band ever. And Canter!!!! Release all your vault goddamm!!!! I will buy fkn all of it!!! FUCKING ALL!!!
  9. Betagems 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  10. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    When stars left this world... we get the good shit. Dead i mean. Is some 20 years if he stops eating bacon n shit.
  11. When u live and discover the real shit... u give a shit what ppl thinks about you.
  12. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    When u have a lot of bootlegs is almost impossible to get bored, every show are so unique. Bootlegs from 80s to 90s i mean..... i dont listen any of the 2000s to now. I get bored when i saw them live in this NITLT when they play SCOM, KOHD... NR... then i get so bored/desilusional. I prefer enjoying them hearin the old shows. Btw. 2020 will be the last show for me. No more. Waiting the releasin of the good shit when tha man left this world.
  13. Well... you need a hero.
  14. We need the hero. We need tha same hero who set free "The Riot Show" on 2002 i think it was.... The guy who leaked "Saskatoon 93"... Where are you???
  15. Brazilian Democracy.