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  1. 91-2006-2010 The Axl factor is the main thing here.
  2. (I dont want a fkn audience recopilation video... i have tons of that shit. Release proshots goddamn it!!) So hard to be a gnr fan
  3. Live Era '16 - '20

    Now its the time to make a Live Era with a studio vocals.
  4. Axl's St. Louis Rant Before YCBM

    1991..... Thats why i love the 1991 shows. A lot of song rotations. Like listening UYIs and AFD on shuffle. What a blast. Damn!!! fuck!!!
  5. The Canter's vault is impresive!!! Really want to see all that shit... in this lifetime.
  6. The bluray have new mix stuff. Starting up the first scream of Axl on WTTJ.
  7. This book is a "break point" to get back on GnR in any possible way.
  8. Maybe jams are quality rest for tha man. He need that breaks... or whatever he do backstage.
  9. Nice to hear Locomotive!! Fuck yeah man. Pls do it in Chile!
  10. Your "best of the locker" CDs

    Nice name. Or some cinema premieres. With releases on bluray after that.
  11. Your "best of the locker" CDs

    Yeah. i want Hardschool bc is about Ssslash! i like the song. The best one i believe. I was thinkin today about the new album, and i want Slash takin some lead on this. Not more chinese re re re re recorded. I had enough of it all this years (all of it with 1 fkn album). This leaked shit worth CERO now we have the old guys back. Today is impossible release a bluray or media stuff from the ´99 to 2012... all that shit worths not money. To the music industry... most of the world want the old stuff. The fkn gold era. Tell me when i will get my fkn bluray from Florida 1991. Or wembley 91... or Stockholm 1991! pls. I want to buy this shit. I bought the Locked n Loaded, now giveme my fkn blurays!!
  12. So where's is it!?? This band is so frustrating. They are not listening.
  13. ooh.. yeah... a bit of old rock n roll way maybe can move this train.
  14. "Wrote a year b4 mr. Brownstone."