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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    RIR 2001 - Ritz 2012 -and Trobadour 2016 was so.... idk how to say it.... "desilusional". But here i am. Im a sadist. And release whatever with a good edition work. This only killing time until we get the good old stuff.
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    ^^ and they got Izzy 😂
  3. NITL live videos on youtube

    The fkn OTGM Tomorrow is the day?
  4. Need your help!

    Sure no doubt. The content is important im with u on that. For the same reason LnL had a Super Deluxe version. The rock fans standars? If they release good stuff i would love to see all the options available for all the standars.
  5. Need your help!

    Its hard to imagine a good shit. We need to have faith.... I concord with your petitions/wishes... and would add some of the late 91 show. That have a very good camera work. Like Florida 91 ... the new years eve.... wembley 91...
  6. Copyright Strikes....

    Who is the CEO of YT? Call that mothafucka. Or just tweet him/her/it.
  7. Greatest hits 2 coming soon
  8. When piss was put in a bottle and throw away to not miss any song..... oohhh what a good old times.....
  9. Was not a big wait for the fans/ppl. AFD became known in 1988.... we had a lot of Mtv with them, interviews, they were everywhere, released Lies... and they started a giant tour with new music before Uyi. That was fast.
  10. Need your help!

    We need a box to continue the collection. It would awesome look next to the LnL. You can buy it in sale like the LnL.... just have patience.
  11. Need your help!

    For that u want.... it would cost 1000 easily. 3 live shows remastered and all the cool stuff in the making. $300. Remake all the demos and release them as 1 Cd. $100. A documentary. $400. And 200 for the box.
  12. Wheres the man who will buy this?. We can donate to him.
  13. GNR with Axl since 1997(?) to 2015(?) with 1 album only (w/o Live Era and GH of course) was his time tryin to make the shit happens.... and didnt happen.