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  1. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Brad paisleys the shit. He should join gnr and chicken pick the fuck out of everything
  2. Holy fuck are those first few lines the Mickey origin story!?!?
  3. Honestly it genuinely does just sound like he cant hear himself, and rosie isnt really a high pitched song for Axl in ACDC in standard, and Guns plays half step down
  4. fuck the sound city sessions are sexy
  5. its better, not a "loudness war" remaster, but damn it's just a bit more full and glued together to my ears. can't wait to listen through my monitors at home.
  6. Cause they play 3 and a half hours ! I wish more bands did this
  7. Fly GNAIR

    Yo if there was a domestic that served whisky and cranked GnR the whole flight, I'd be down as fuck for the extra cash. Worth it. Except I don't fly much lol
  8. now that i hear that shit again, he totally was nailing the clean voice with ACDC at times. especially during the arena leg.
  9. No falsetto, just chest and head voice, his head voice is softer than most but now he's older so it's less powerful. Thus "Mickey"
  10. i can't see SOYL making it in, since that song never even made an EP/LP. (plus its a risky song to sing those high vox live in stadiums considering it'll be a bathroom break tune). I can see an old UYI cut making it in, or shacklers lol... even a new song, which people hype up quite a bit to the point of a joke again like CD, but with these circumstances, Axl might just say fuck it and pop out a rockin GnR single with slash and duff high in the mix, he's sort of thrown caution to the wind anyways? side note- shadow is wicked
  11. whats it like now? from my ignorant perspective it seems australia ends up having higher prices and more censorship on everything entertainment related
  12. spotify at first, if it sounds good and not like a slash solo album in terms of volume war shit, then the 100 something box
  13. Whats next for ac/dc?

    Ahhh shhhh