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  1. i think its an addicts brain/ADHD kinda thing lmao his nickname even comes from it, I think he is a natural born improviser and plays everything to sound good to his ears and keep himself interested in his own playing rather than play anything note for note (Axl seems to be the note for note consistency kinda guy nowadays which sucks cause his voice has changed) .
  2. nightrain was written in a few minutes. november rain took years. im a nightrain kinda guy.
  3. those other bands aren't GnR... yeah one of them is just the rolling stones
  4. Lmao so just say a member of the general public looks up a GnR video and hears Axl butchering songs and decide to comment that it sounds bad, that makes them a troll? Like i have never listened to puddle of mudd but i commented that their Nirvana cover was a disgrace. Am i a troll for giving my opinion?
  5. The sound is usually better from back there for these videos
  6. Hahaha man axl sounds rough on it but it’s gonna sound really good instrumentally. go on twitter and search “hardschool” and refresh or go to latest and scroll.
  7. rush has more value in ontario than guns n roses and im 1000 percent sure of that (guns is a legendary band for sure but rush is on another level here in ontario and canada in general)
  8. zoomed all the way in it looks like the first ones title has 3 words. i WONDER WHAT IT IS
  9. yes they usually will, for a fee of like 10 dollars a ticket. I've done it almost every time I've seen a big stadium show.
  10. Kinda hoping its just me my pals and the band there now lololol
  11. I know several friends who are going To the toronto show now that SP is there too
  12. Any word on toronto? Nyc philly and detroit are 100 %%
  13. could anybody get a pic of the toronto seating map? i already bought my tickets but can't go back and see exactly where they are! B4 is the section but I dont know if its the same layout as last time they were in TO
  14. Anybody have an idea of prices for this leg?