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  1. autotune is a product/brand of pitch correction/modulation made by antares that has become a blanket term for vocal pitch correction. Melodyne is the absolute best pitch correction software now imo, easier to use and cheaper for what you can do with it. The autotune sound ala T-Pain or Cher or whatever can be made in Melodyne and its actually really nice to subtly layer underneath vocals that ARENT pitch corrected to give a better sense of melody, but when you double up a pitch corrected vocal it ends up sounding like recent Ozzy.
  2. SBD recordings of Axl/DC?

    honestly i dont think malcolm passing away was a thing to do with it, he was in bad shape. I think angus realised he had to respect the AC/DC legacy and bring back brian. who knows, he could bring axl back after they give AC/DC fans proper closure, we cant count anything out anymore.
  3. it was the best singing of his career at some points.
  4. listen how fuckin good he was in 2016 compared to now its unreal
  5. shoulda went with the much safer "william"
  6. OUUU! im down to record some Axl-ey Vox. I can do the high and low voices anybody have lyrics to use??
  7. yup, my gripe with the clean/thin vocals on CD are they simply arent as nice sounding as the raspy ones in the mix. it seems like they have too much compression and it makes axl sound squeaky and wimpy. Even the Roy Thomas Baker mixes, they should have mixed the clean vocals more like Geddy Lee or something, it's too top 40 pop sounding in its current form, when the raspy voice sounds defined and rich.
  8. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    The chorus is too high for his natural register and too low for head or chest voice so he came up with a harmony thats more suitable to be a backing vocal. Duff sings the REAL main melody the way its supposed to be.
  9. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    soooo......reliable sources are a bitch eh
  10. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    Unfortunately gang, we've hit the end of Axls upper range. That bridge was baaad.
  11. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    honestly I still wanna hear perfect crime more than hard school. a proper studio recording would be the best way to experience new tunes short of being in LA and hearing it live with a suitable mix, not some youtube clip.
  12. the song has good parts, but isnt a good song imo. the key change/switch to minor part just throws me off.
  13. fuck man im in the audio business and this is worlds different. its like christmas. to each their own. CD in particular, fuck its SO much better sounding. its the little things that make a big sounding album imo