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  1. First Single Guesses?

    Something not from the ChiDem sessions
  2. Even though Izzy hasn't been involved with the semi-reunion tour, do ya'll think if GN'R were serious about releasing another album that Izzy would be wanted by Axl, Slash and Duff and do you think Izzy would join in on the song writing if he were wanted?
  3. I'm a big Axl defender and Axl is the writer of most of my fav GN'R lyrics, but.... I think there probably is a lot of truth to this. Looking back at the late 80s and early 90s, Izzy does seem like that magic, steady part that seems to hold it all together when it comes to getting songs started and finished. You know that video where Izzy talks about going to Axl and playing riffs for him and Axl would critique what he's hearing and Izzy says he would go back to the drawing board and come back and play Axl something else? You can see that Izzy really is that more soft-spoken, lower maintenance guy who really got the foundation of a lot of songs ready to go and from there the band had something to build on and finish for material. I mean aren't there stories of NuGuns having a few Izzy tunes they were tinkering around with and didn't Slash mention in one of his books that in the mid 90s he heard some stuff Izzy had been working on and he felt if GN'R had still been around they could have turned these ideas into some of their best material?
  4. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    Hasn't Duff said that Axl loves cardio exercise?
  5. The Illusion albums are my fav GN'R records
  6. I want bluesy rock. But I'll gladly take what they give
  7. I understand why a lot of fans have been critical about Duff lately but it was only a few short years ago that Duff was viewed as the MVP of Guns N' Roses in mending things with Axl and Slash. I know the Izzy situation and how Duff has commented about it and other things has been divisive but I still appreciate Duff and I agree with him 100% about social media being poisonous. Good things can come from social media but there's a lot of bad to it as well
  8. I wonder what goes through Axl's head when he (and others, but he's the main driving force behind it) write all these songs, most are probably at least great, and he just sits on them for years. Is this just more evidence that Axl really simply doesn't care about certain things (like glory and adoration or attention)? Or more evidence he is pretty sensitive to how stuff he makes is received? Does he think these songs aren't up to snuff or did the ChiDem album reception just make him not care about giving more music to many people who won't appreciate it?
  9. When Brian Wilson released Smile decades after it was intended to release, didn't he include a lot of different takes of the songs? I feel like there's a great potential for Axl to do something similar with ChiDem era stuff.
  10. Wow this is crazy because when it comes to the mythical unreleased GNR songs I want to hear, Atlas is my top one. I think that's the one described as 70s glam rock/disco or something like that
  11. What exactly happened? This thread blew up and I can read through all the pages to see what happened but if someone wouldn't mind providing a summary of this thread, I'd appreciate it Edit: Also, when it comes to stuff in the vault, what do you want? I think I'd love to see a really well done documentary (maybe done similar to the style of VH1's old "Behind The Music" series) of the UYI tour that pulls from all that footage Slash says they have of the UYI tour
  12. Duff used to be viewed as a hero for his role in reuniting himself, Axl and Slash but now look at how he's viewed
  13. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Someone held up a Where's Izzy sign near the beginning of the NITL tour and Axl pointed it out on stage and kindly shrugged it off saying something like "that's a good question, I don't know". No anger or hate or maliciousness or frustration was shown on Axl's part
  14. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    That open letter is a mic drop. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house
  15. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I think the Illusion albums might be more of the "true" sound of GN'R than AFD. By that, I mean songs like Dust N' Bones, Breakdown, KOHD, Yesterdays, Bad Apples, Bad Obsession, 14 Years. Songs like that. Kind of a country/folksy tinge to the sound. Also I think there's kind of an experimental/artistic edge to their sound that is captured in stuff like Locomotive and Coma and those are found on the Illusion albums. Rocket Queen kind of has that in the masterful outro it switches to near the end of the song though and that's on AFD. I could be completely wrong here. It's just if I'm thinking of unpopular opinions, the idea that maybe the Illusions might be more the sound of what GN'R really is, that's all I've got off the top of my head