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  1. Didn't Slash say he really didn't even want to do the song and then Duff said the plan was the song would at least get everyone working together again, get creativity flowing and hopefully lead to new music, which it didn't
  2. I haven't heard it, just was being funny
  3. That's a good question. If it gets removed from youtube or is not being posted there, doesn't that add to the validity that this is a real leak and not fan made?
  4. It topped Estranged as the best song in the Estranged trilogy, now quadology
  5. Wait, wait, wait, does the official AFD box set REALLY say that about ChiDem? The AFD box set even talks about ChiDem? I agree with you 100% that that is foreshadowing if that is real
  6. If a decent quality copy of the whole song is out there, it's probably the best way for Axl to spoil the leak and give the song a "proper" debut at this point
  7. I hope this song doesn't leak in full. I'd like Axl to be able to properly release it on a new album. This isn't Silkworms we're talking about (a song I actually think has some sincerely good qualities to it and is more than just a raunchy ChiDem era mess). It's the mythical follow-up to Estranged
  8. I think I've seen you mention this quote before because that statement sounds familiar to me. If this quote is true, it's mind blowing to think that Axl topped the sort of song November Rain is with another song. I know NR is faulted for being cheesy or sounding a bit dated, but I love rock ballads and I think NR is one of the best. Who knew Axl had an even better one somewhere inside of him?
  9. Something I often ask myself when it comes to fantastic unreleased songs by artists that release later is "why did they not release this song on an album before?". Like Michael Jackson has some fantastic songs that were kept in the vault and didn't release until years later or until after his death. I'm wondering the same thing here. If Axl has AAA songs in The General or Atlas Shrugged, why weren't they released on ChiDem? I know he had plans for a ChiDem 2. I guess maybe he was saving some of the heavy hitters for that? Or maybe for another album down the road? I believe Atlas Shrugged is described as something reminiscent of November Rain with a touch of 70's disco (or maybe it was a 70's rock ballad, I swear I'm not crazy, hasn't anyone else hear heard that?) and The General was described as a follow-up to Estranged
  10. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    How is this confirmed to be the case?
  11. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Imagine a new album with rasp like that. Imagine the unreleased songs Slash and Duff have heard
  12. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    You're right, I should have more thoroughly read all the comments. Skimming gave me the impression some people are saying that Nu'GN'R was providing a better product than what fans are getting in the NITL tour, which is ironic to me because back then people were wanting Axl and Slash to be together, not the Nu'GN'R lineup
  13. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    Man, Axl can do no right in the eyes of GN'R fandom. This lineup was despised by casual fans, the media and half of hardcore fans. Axl's tardiness on performing and unpredictability was hung over his head as major problems that showed he doesn't respect the fans Now he, Slash and Duff play together and Axl the shows start on time and people are pining for the days of NuGN'R Don't get me wrong, getting unreleased CD era music would be amazing and the whole story behind the CD era is fascinating so seeing them perform is neat, but to consider it being superior to what Axl, Slash and Duff have accomplished with the NITL tour? I dunno....