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  1. No need to let a beautiful thing overstay the time it calls for. Whether or not new GN'R music happens, I say let them move on to other things
  2. It's mentioned in the original post of the thread, or at least it was meant to be if I forgot to put it in
  3. A more exact quote is back in the early 90s, Axl described the sound of the first half of UYI II as "the South will rise again" but I feel in the context of what he was getting at, he just meant it has a more southern sound, not a controversial political statement, so I edited the comment in the title a bit to avoid people misunderstanding what Axl was getting at, potentially derailing what this thread is about He says it at about 4:50 in this video; I found this comment interesting since UYI II seems to be the most beloved GN'R record after Appetite, which isn't saying too much since Lies is a shorter record (two EP's put together?), Spaghetti is a cover album, and the mileage on if ChiDem is a 'true' GN'R record varies. I feel in general the two UYI albums have instances of kind of a bluesy-rock sound (Dust N Bones, Bad Obsession, Bad Apples, You Ain't The First, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, 14 Years, Yesterdays, Breakdown) that I feel point to the direction of where another amazing Guns N' Roses record could be found.
  4. True Story Behind Shannon Hoon and GNR!

    His backing vocals on Don't Cry add so much to that song
  5. The guitar work on There Was A Time gives me chills
  6. Axl didn't like Slash's wife, right?
  7. Axl's Magnum Opus

    I mean the album version and I think I spelled rein in incorrectly (it's one of those words where the same sounding word has different meaning depending on how you spell it). I love Axl's backing vocals to Izzy on Double Talkin Jove, but if I were in control I might tone it down just a tad, like when Axl says "no more patience man, you dig what I'm saying? Punk?" I wouldn't have Axl say that "punk" part. I'd have him stop when he says "you dig what I'm saying?"
  8. Axl's Magnum Opus

    Double-Talkin Jive is such a sick song. I think Axl's voice adds a lot to the song as well. If I were in control, I think I'd rein it in a bit, but I wouldn't want Double-Talkin Jive without Axl on backing vocals
  9. I bet there will be one
  10. "Wound up in a Vega" from West Arkeen's Outpatience is on youtube

    Was West Arkeen's passing a big reason for lack of direction on getting a UYI follow-up done/keeping the band together in the 90s?
  11. Better is such a great song. Don't care for the industrial sounding opening and ending of the song (but I can see why people would like it, I just feel the base of the song doesn't match the industrial sound of those parts), I really like the opening they gave it. Would love a studio release of it. Say, maybe they could release some sort of ChiDem remix album
  12. Saw Slash tonight in Salt Lake

    Had no clue he was in SLC. Axl landed a hot air balloon he was riding in SLC once in the early 90s or late 80s
  13. Dust N' Bones, 14 Years, Double Talkin' Jive, I think he was the head writer for Bad Obsession as well (love the honky tonk sound on that, I want more GN'R songs like that). Pretty Tied Up isn't one I care much for (it has some iconic Guns lines in it, I acknowledge) but I know that's another one he wrote that seems to be pretty popular when it comes to deep cuts
  14. Final thoughts on NITL tour