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  1. I want a bluesy-rock album predominantly written by Axl, Slash, Duff and Fortus with some involvement from Izzy (I'd like more involvement from Izzy, but I'm thinking best case scenario, he'd only be involved with a song or a few songs). I'd like Steven to handle the drums on one of the songs and maybe even Sorum too (maybe even Gilby playing on a song since he never got a chance to contribute on new material when he was in the band outside of covers from TSI and possibly the cover of Sympathy For The Devil?)
  2. If they do a new album I think it would be cool if Izzy was involved with 3 or so tracks. I'd really love to hear that "Down By The River" (or something like that) unreleased GN'R song that is apparently mostly done by Izzy and was being worked on during the ChiDem era. I know not many people will care but I thought Axl's camp called Izzy "family" in response to the questions about Izzy not being in the NITL tour and his remarks on Twitter regarding that and Axl didn't seem particularly mad when asked about Izzy in that one televised interview he did early on in the NITL tour. Duff seemed so close to Izzy before the Axl/Slash/Duff reunion took place. I hope Duff and Izzy's friendship hasn't soured over this whole situation
  3. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    Whatever happened with Paul Tobias after he left the band? Are he and Axl still friends?
  4. Fortus Interview KSHE

    A new SONG before the end of NEXT YEAR? Well, hot dog
  5. I know, but what he said about the film scores (essentially "maybe I'll get to it in the future") is just so Axl and reflects the concern and doubt people have of him releasing new GN'R music
  6. "something I'd like to do at some point in the future" lol, Axl cracks me up. I wouldn't even be mad if he never released another album or opened the vault. That would add to his mystique
  7. Nicole Atkins and Mark Lanegan cover November Rain

    Edit: whoops, wrong thread
  8. Happy 10th Anniversary to Chinese Democracy!

    You're right and he said as much in interviews. He had talked about a follow up to Chinese Democracy and referred to it as like the second half of the project. I don't know why I didn't consider that. Yeah, you'd want heavy hitter songs for that album. I wonder if we'll ever hear those songs
  9. Happy 10th Anniversary to Chinese Democracy!

    I think ChiDem (the song), Better, SOD, TWAT, CITR, Sorry, Madagascar, TIL and Prostitute are all great to fantastic songs. I know a lot of people are pretty high on Shackler's Revenge (and I think it's solid, sometimes I feel it more than other times) but that song, If The World, Riad, Scraped and maybe IRS are all decent to good songs IMO and if the vault has stuff like rumored amazing songs like Thyme, etc, I wonder why some of these serviceable but nothing amazing songs ended up on the album over some real gold from the ChiDem era instead. I'm really into the Illusion albums though and they all have 3 or so songs that probably are just decent and nothing special. Maybe with albums, that's just sort of how it goes. Usually there will be a few songs that are fine but nothing too impressive I really think some of Axl's best lyrics and delivery are on this album. I know some find CITR corny and I'm not too into the live versions, but I think it's a pretty amazing song and feels like it would feel pretty at home on UYI 2 or a mid/late 90s GN'R album had the band not broken up. The vocal work and guitars on TWAT are insane. I'm grateful ChiDem exists
  10. Ain’t It Fun

    Awesome and relevant song for the band. Speaking of their covers on that album, I love SIDHY. I enjoy 50s era sort of music like the original is and Axl's voice is incredible on the song
  11. No need to let a beautiful thing overstay the time it calls for. Whether or not new GN'R music happens, I say let them move on to other things
  12. It's mentioned in the original post of the thread, or at least it was meant to be if I forgot to put it in
  13. A more exact quote is back in the early 90s, Axl described the sound of the first half of UYI II as "the South will rise again" but I feel in the context of what he was getting at, he just meant it has a more southern sound, not a controversial political statement, so I edited the comment in the title a bit to avoid people misunderstanding what Axl was getting at, potentially derailing what this thread is about He says it at about 4:50 in this video; I found this comment interesting since UYI II seems to be the most beloved GN'R record after Appetite, which isn't saying too much since Lies is a shorter record (two EP's put together?), Spaghetti is a cover album, and the mileage on if ChiDem is a 'true' GN'R record varies. I feel in general the two UYI albums have instances of kind of a bluesy-rock sound (Dust N Bones, Bad Obsession, Bad Apples, You Ain't The First, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, 14 Years, Yesterdays, Breakdown) that I feel point to the direction of where another amazing Guns N' Roses record could be found.