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  1. Saw Slash tonight in Salt Lake

    Had no clue he was in SLC. Axl landed a hot air balloon he was riding in SLC once in the early 90s or late 80s
  2. Dust N' Bones, 14 Years, Double Talkin' Jive, I think he was the head writer for Bad Obsession as well (love the honky tonk sound on that, I want more GN'R songs like that). Pretty Tied Up isn't one I care much for (it has some iconic Guns lines in it, I acknowledge) but I know that's another one he wrote that seems to be pretty popular when it comes to deep cuts
  3. Final thoughts on NITL tour

  4. Axl having a ton of material makes me wonder if he didn't release CD2 because in the back of his mind he felt something might happen in the future where he'd like to have those songs still unreleased so he could work on them more before releasing them
  5. SOLO There Was A Time Guns n Roses

    TWAT is a fantastic song
  6. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    There is so much amazing emotion in that line. Chinese Democracy reminds me so much of the Star Wars Prequels. You got raw, unfiltered, unchallenged Lucas in the prequels and as time has gone by, more people have warmed up to the strengths of those movies. ChiDem, unfiltered, unchallenged Axl. Same thing. Not saying everyone loves the album now. Or even likes it. But I think more of what people like in the album is being vocalized more often
  7. An interview causing a break-up again? That's what immediately came to my mind
  8. Thoughts on Madagascar?

    I love it. Very clever name. I love the Martin Luther King speech section with other things spliced into it. One of my fav songs on ChiDem
  9. I go back and forth between liking and loving this song. I think this might be the best case of how irritating the overproduction on CHiDem can be. As the song fades out when Axl holds out the word "You" (from the "inside of you" line) the production of that part as he holds out the word and the rising sound that just abruptly cuts out. It's just so much production. Just strip it back a bit, let us hear the instruments working together, not the studio production giving everything such a manufactured sound. I know some people find the lyrics cheesy but they kind of remind of lines you might hear in 70s love ballads. I also think we see some of Axl's most emotional delivery of lines in this song. Like "I don't know just what I should do, everywhere I go I see you" and I really appreciate that. These songs were crafted during painful moments in Axl's life and I really like how the emotion shines through Edit: And I don't necessarily think Axl's appreciation for production is bad. Didn't he create the sound of the choir in November Rain by painstakingly producing it in the studio? In that case, utilizing production tools really worked out, but too much of anything can be bad
  10. What are your opinions on the UYI albums?

    My favorite GN'R material
  11. Do people still like Rockers?

    I think I'd rather hear them go more bluesy-rock than either, but I see what you are saying, OP. I think there needs to be a mix
  12. Velvet Revolver vs. Guns N' Roses

    Axl sounded like a beast in 2006. I believe now, more than ever
  13. Is SFTD "Sympathy For The Devil"? Was that released by them back in 93? For some reason I always thought they did that song after the UYI tour was over
  14. Speaking of, those two songs are absolutely fantastic