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  1. I'm getting the vibe people are disappointed the announcement is just more tour dates? It is disappointing we don't have an announcement for new music, but at least Slash and Duff and Axl aren't seemingly trying to do as few shows together as possible
  2. Yeah, that was another thing I meant to highlight but probably didn't do a good enough job of. With Axl, Slash and Duff being (most likely) the core original members behind a new album, I think a nod back to the Illusion era is really fitting
  3. I feel it works on so many levels. A nod back to the Illusion albums. Them when they reached so high there was no where to go but down. The UYI tour began an era where Axl, Slash and Duff became the mainstays to the band with Izzy leaving and Steven being fired and with NITL, it's a reunion with Axl, Slash and Duff. A new GN'R record won't be a purely AFD 5 record. So fans need to lose that illusion. Axl and Slash doing this tour probably required both of them to lose some notions they felt were realities. Axl ended the Estranged music video trilogy with this message. I imagine a new GN'R record would feature, to some extent, some concepts for tracks developed following the end of the UYI tour. So this album title would play off that sort of connection as well
  4. Chinese Democracy sold 360,000+ copies in the Uk

    There are some awesome songs on ChiDem
  5. Axl Performing with Billy Joel tonight

    I love seeing Axl getting out there and performing
  6. While we're at it has anyone heard the 20 minute version of Coma?
  7. The story behind this is possibly my favorite Axl story. He just happened to be at the same place Gilby was performing and he got up on the stage and smiled at Gilby or something and just wanted to perform? I think that was generally what happened
  8. I read somewhere that this was his final public performance before disappearing for a while. I think he does an amazing job with this song
  9. GNR featured in Japanese magazine

    Great pictures in there. I didn't know Japan was so into GN'R
  10. Breakdown has some of Axl's best lyrics IMO But if I call you out of habit, I'm out of love and I've gotta have it Would you give it to me, If it fit your needs? Like when we both knew we had it Now the damage is done And we're back out on the run Funny how everything was roses when we held on to the guns Just because you're winnin' Don't mean you're the lucky one I know AFD is their masterpiece but the Illusions are what I spend the most time listening to when it comes to GN'R
  11. The titular line (or title line) is a line in a film, book or song which includes the name of the film, book or song. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titular_line Not only does Locomotive contain the exact phrase of the UYI albums ("You can use your illusion Let it take you where it may") but a lot of the lines discuss the concept of having illusions, holding on to them, etc. It feels like this song not only has the album title in it but also discusses the concept of illusions far more than any other song on the album. And correct me if I'm wrong but I feel illusions are mentioned in quite a few songs between the two albums, so I feel that says a lot about Locomotive. For being the song to sum up the point of the album title better than any other song between the two records, Locomotive feels so ignored compared to the rest of the songs. It seems like Axl and the others are aware that it's one of their most beloved songs especially when it comes to lesser known GN'R songs, but it's never played live. Not even occasionally. For a song that may explain the general idea of the album title used for two albums, that seems odd to me. What an interesting album title. Iconic album covers.
  12. What was Axl's best moment lyrically?

    End section of Coma