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  1. Rumor of a new album???

    I'd be happy with 8 original songs, The Fucken Zika pro-recorded and maybe Black Hole Sun pro-recorded ffs just ANYTHING at this point
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    As well as The Slash & Friends album
  3. And I was that fan... was told the exact months of the japan, Aus, UK and full European tours when I met him after an Axl/DC concert so to say he's a reliable source is an understatement to be fair, despite their posse being a bunch of yes-men
  4. GNR LA 2016 event shirt at H&M

    They have one on amazon also
  5. That's exactly it, typical axl humour probably for the stream
  6. Probably RIR 2011 is the closest it comes - the first time it had been played since 93
  7. I may exaggerating - though I believe I'm not - but I think Firenze Rocks' lineup may just be the best group of headliners that I have seen in my lifetime
  8. 5:15 - that bloke seems so proud of his 'I NEVER REALLY WANTED TO LIVE FUCK YEAH'😂😂😂
  9. 09/01/17 - Vancouver, BC - BC Place Stadium

    Anyone got a video of axl toking on this joint then?
  10. Wow. What a man the ol' Ax Man is... best HTH performance I've heard from him
  11. Wrong, and I believe partially that axl's semi-likely abolishion of the magic powder is one of the sole reasons why his voice doesn't tear through the majority of these songs with the same grit
  12. Watch nightrain @ Download Festival 2006... coked out his skull. Zooms in at the end and the (what us brits call) gear-jaw is blatant. One of the best ever performances of this song, bearing in mind
  13. 07/04/17 - Prague, CZ - Letnany Airport

    Even though I went both nights in London, frustrating for my friend which only went to night 1 and got patience only!