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  1. Absolutely love the song. Deserves more credit as a ripping opener to an album.
  2. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    It's a very competent record, of course. But it feels like I keep waiting for something that never actually happens. On a lot of the songs. Well, except 7empest, which is just in full gear the whole time. But songs like Invincible and Culling Voices feel like they should have something more to them. It feels like quite a meditative record, which is fine. And it's quite good in places. But it doesn't jump out at me as many times as I would like.
  3. I'm all for hearing St. Anger songs. As long as they don't put Invisible Kid in there, I'm good.
  4. Concerts in 2019

    Just saw Neko Case last week. Now I'm looking to go and see Screaming Females and then Jade Bird around the end of the year. Not much in between yet, but we'll have to see what comes up.
  5. Anderson .Paak - Ventura

    Love it. A lot of the tracks are just buttery smooth and I was glad to hear a little bit of that Bubblin flavour at the end of Winners Circle. Just a smooth as fuck, 40-minute, summer vibes album, which is perfect coming from .Paak. And I really enjoyed Oxnard. But this just seems more concise and flavourful.
  6. Marissa Nadler covers Estanged

    Nadler is a wonderful artist.