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  1. Doncaster was definitely sold out and felt over capacity – I was at that gig and there were people passing out at the back. I was at Manchester too, that was a sell-out, 3,500 at the Apollo. If anything him returning to GN'R has kept his popularity up. Regardless, I stand by what I said about smaller venues. He could play arenas with SMKC if he wanted to, but it's pretty clear he simply doesn't want to
  2. First time I saw SMKC was at Manchester Arena in 2014. Not all sections were open, sure, but it was still easily 10,000+ that night. He also played Leeds Arena, the NEC, and Wembley Arena during that same leg. The reason Slash doesn't play big shows with the Conspirators is because it doesn't want or have to. The World on Fire tour was an arena tour across Europe, but as soon as he rejoined Guns he went back to playing theatres and ball halls with The Conspirators – because he could. He's always said he prefers smaller venues, so if he's playing stadiums and arenas with his 'day job', it makes sense to have fun playing the smaller places with his passion project if he's able to.
  3. All of the Appetite lineup played on 'Slash' except for Axl. Duff - 'Watch This' Izzy - 'Ghost' Steven - 'Baby Can't Drive'
  4. Ah of course, hadn't thought of that. Always find it interesting to hear these extra behind the scenes bits to get an insight into what really goes on during a show like this. Edit: listening back, just before Madagascar, it seems that it is Frank – "This lovely warm July evening"
  5. Who is that talking about the cold and guitar changes between songs? Frank?
  6. Long-time lurker, just joined (finally) and posting for the first time! Fun to follow one of these threads as a member for a change! So far not regretting the decision to stay up past 6AM...