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  1. Cool interview, sounds like a good guy. Would’ve liked to hear more about the writing and recording sessions, particularly with Slash, but it was a cool listen anyway. As for the Richard interview, congrats on landing that one! Please try to get some info of any about new material. I know he probably won’t say much, but it’s worth a try. Ask him about the Slash riffs they were working on before Slash rejoined, and whether they’re still a potential for new music coming out. He mentioned that in a guitar clinic a few years ago.
  2. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    I was glad they dropped it in Sydney when I saw them. Such a shitty song. Probably one of the worst in Slash’s catalogue
  3. Good listen. I really feel for Alan, I think he really felt like family with Axl and the band.
  4. John Corabi, or M Shadows. Both have grit on their voices that would suit Slash’s guitar so well Oh wait, you said who sang on his solo album? I’d say M Shadows then
  5. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    On social media there were a few complaints about only one GN’R song, but otherwise it’s been nothing but positive reviews. I went to the Sydney show and it was incredible! Slash’s playing is still awe inspiring!
  6. What was the Farnham story? I don’t think I heard that one
  7. Asking about a box to carry your hats? Fuck, who writes these questions? Would’ve been better off having a short acoustic performance with Myles to promote the tour rather that cringeworthy interview
  8. He was on the Project last time he was here in Australia with the Conspirators. The Project is embarrassingly cringeworthy at best. A bunch of idiots who know nothing about rock music, but will carry on as if they do. I’m pretty sure they awkwardly asked Slash about GN’R when he was on there last time, and this was pre-reunion when his heart was set on Conspirators. And no doubt they’ll ask the same stupid GN’R related questions that are pointless as always. Anyway, that’s my rant for the day...
  9. I found the interview weird in that it just cuts in to him talking. Was there supposed to be an introduction?
  10. I’ve been looking on YouTube for it for years, but no luck..
  11. I said I listen to it more than Lies, not that it’s better. I do really like Lies, but TSI gets more listens from me these days.
  12. I loved that commercial, and it got me really pumped up about the release of TSI. And I’m one of the few who loved it then, and still love it now. Sure, it’s not an original GN’R album, but there are definitely some gems on there!
  13. I listen to it more than Lies, and CD, so it doesn’t rank as the worst for me
  14. Star Wars IX Thread

    I really liked Solo too. No one was ever going to replace Harrison as Han, but the guy they got did a pretty good job. And it is a really fun movie, with a lot of tidbits and references for Star Wars fans, which made me enjoy the film too. And I’d like to see a follow up just so we can see where it will go after the big reveal at the end.
  15. Anyone hear the interview with Matt, Franky and Geezer on Eddie Trunk? Apparently they discussed VR, and I’m curious to hear what was said