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  1. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Well, if it was an excuse, Slash kept lying to the press about it a fair bit then, to keep up appearances. I read a lot of articles back then where Slash said it was a record company decision.
  2. Metallica do everything you’d expect a big band like Guns to do, and they do it without fuss. And they still keep a genuine element of surprise for their fans, and here’s the biggest difference... they follow through with their promises! Honestly, I’m just tired of the excuses from the GN’R camp. If they had a huge catalogue of music, they could be forgiven for not giving us anything now. But the fact is, they don’t, and their dumbass manager keeps promising things that never happen... As a fan, it just makes me think “just fuck off already, I don’t care anymore”
  3. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Slash has said in many interviews that he wanted to just call the band Snakepit, but it was the record company’s idea and push to add Slash to it. For a while it was referred to as S.V.O. Snakepit (Slash’s very own).
  4. Slash likes to keep busy. And if Axl ain’t gonna use Slash for new GN’R music, Slash isn’t gonna sit around waiting.
  5. Good interview as always, though I find Doug to be off with his timings. Smells Like Teen Spirit came out 2 years before TSI, in September 1991 to be exact. So I don’t think they were competing with that song in the charts when TSI was released in November 1993, though Nirvana were definitely still the hot new rock act at the time over GN’R.
  6. Yeah, I’ll definitely be picking up the CD/Blu-ray package when it comes out!
  7. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Probably not the type of stuff the typical GN’R fan would listen to, but being an Australian, I’ve always had a soft spot for John Farnham, and I’ve been going back and discovering some gems from earlier in his career. Him playing with Little River Band in the early 80’s, is just pop rock perfection. Seriously, the harmonies these guys pull off, and the band are all incredible musicians. Here you could see that John Farnham was on his way to becoming the big star he would later become Another thing to note, is how incredibly hugely popular Little River Band were back then. I think they had a pretty big following in the US too. https://youtu.be/v-WZ p_u4Y3Y
  8. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I finally watched it recently, and I didn’t think it was that bad. Like, it wasn’t great, but I guess I was expecting something absolutely terrible, so I was kinda pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t complete trash. It did have some interesting ideas, though it fell flat in the second half. Reading back through what others have pointed out here, I do agree with the criticisms. I was quite surprised with the John Connor scene. I was expecting a cameo, but I wasn’t expecting that! Especially with how it throws away everything that they were fighting for in the first place.
  9. Oh Fernando... just shut up. Full of fucken bullshit excuses. So because he got recorded on discord, and that info was shared from what he promised, THAT is what prevented progress....????? Just fuck off already with your excuses, your coffee table books and toy trucks. He should seriously just stop saying anything. This band has cried wolf for far too long to believe anything unless it’s in the shops for sale. There’s no “mystery” or “element of surprise” anymore from GN’R. Their updates from the band and management about anything new are so fucken overdone and worn out, all it does is piss the fans off. And really, who is wanting a live album from NITL after seeing the NITL selects videos that sound like a dogs ass?
  10. Corey Taylor - CMFT

    He said if it was the original AFD 5 reuniting, or with Sorum, he’d retire. I guess the Axl/Slash/Duff show doesn’t count.
  11. Corey Taylor - CMFT

    A taste of Corey’s upcoming solo album. CMFT Must Be Stopped Black Eyes Blue Not too bad. First track is a hybrid rap/metal/rocker. Comes off in parts sounding like Limp Bizkit, but it’s anthemic and catchy! The second song is kinda radio rock Foo Fighters style, but pretty damn good. Nice guitar solo too. I’m keen to hear more
  12. I can’t stand Axl’s re-recorded vocals on Live Era. Just sounds terrible where he’s done it. I’d rather have the original live singing. It irks me so much, I just can’t listen to the album. TSI on the other hand - It’s the best that UYI era GN’R sounded in the studio. And yeah, they totally should’ve released Ain’t It Fun as the main single and released a video to go with it. As good as SIDHY is, I don’t think it did the album promo any favours. In the height of grunge, GN’R release a doo-wop cover as a lead single? No thanks!
  13. I like both, but Spit Out The Bone is most definitely the album highlight. Confusion goes on for too long and overstays it’s welcome. The solos are crap too. You can tell that Kirk put time into the solos on Spit, but on Confusion they sound like meaningless, made up on the spot noodling.
  14. You’re a bit thick aren’t you? I know it’s MYLES. I was quoting another person who wrote it as Miles. That’s why I wrote Axel instead of Axl
  15. You fail to see my humour at making fun of someone who can’t spell “Miles” properly, Its as bad as people who wrote Axel instead of Axl. I wrote it like that on purpose!