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  1. Alter Bridge

    Like others here, I think Fortress has been their strongest album. The Last Hero took a bit of a step back in quality for me. The riffing is there, but some of the passion in the lyrics isn’t there. The album has a pretty muddy mix too, it’s hard to hear things clearly on this one like you could on Fortress. This new live album with the symphony orchestra is pretty good, though Myles voice does get a little nasally here and there.
  2. Alice in Chains - New Album "Rainier Fog"

    I see a lot of praise here for the new album, but honestly, after several listens, I was kinda like... huh, is that it??? To me it’s probably their weakest Duvall album so far. It’s a shame, as I was really hoping for much more from this one, what with their return to Seattle to record it and all...
  3. Apu Will Be Removed from the Simpsons

    The show has been running for 30 years, and now people are offended by him...??? Seriously, wtf is wrong with the world these days...
  4. Pretty good interview, though I was hoping Teddy would go into some different stuff to what he mentioned in your last interview with him. And I thought you missed some good question opportunities there too. Roberta mentioned she was there briefly while Axl was recording CD, and you didn’t follow up with her on that experience??? Also, Teddy was part of the early incarnation of Snakepit 2, and even played some piano live on an early version of Back to the Moment, that you could’ve asked him about too. Oh, and we know you’re a Jew, but you seem to dwell on that far too much in every interview... LOL But otherwise, I love these interviews, so keep up the great work and feel free to tell me to shut up...!
  5. True Story Behind Yesterdays!

    Great song and great video. Axl looks pretty damn cool with the ponytail. I love the intro guitars to this song so much, it’s a really simple but beautiful melody. Thanks for the story behind the song!
  6. WP2 is an amazing album. Jeff’s lyrics are fantastic, he has a great way with words, very poetic. They should’ve got him in VR after Scott Weiland left.
  7. I guess my point is that, for example Boulevard has some stellar playing from Slash on it, and that’s what I imagine would impress listeners here. I don’t hear that on Battleground or Unholy, for them to be talked up so much
  8. I don’t recall saying it was shitty. I too said it was boring. I just don’t know why it’s talked up for
  9. I’ve yet to come to a conclusion about Living the Dream, but all these posts talking up Battieground and Unholy? Are you listening to the same songs as me? Both are boring and have nothing impressive from Slash on them, riff wise or solos either Boulevard on the other hand... one of Slash’s best solos, post-Guns of course. But still, best song on Living the Dream, easily.
  10. Nope. That title goes to Boulevard of Broken Hearts
  11. Boulevard of Broken Hearts is one of Slash’s best songs in his entire catalogue. That one was a slow grower, but it has some really great vocals from Myles, and some stellar lead guitar from Slash, reminiscent of You Got No Right, and maybe even a little bit of Coma.
  12. No fuckin way! Mark Tremonti sings great lower key harmonies with Myles. Todd with Myles sounds like Mickey Mouse harmonising with Minnie Mouse...
  13. I thought they already did, with UYI 1&2
  14. Lol, you’re such a big fan that you can’t spell Myles properly... lol Thanks for the write up. How were the new songs? Better than Mind Your Manners and Driving Rain?
  15. I’m more interested in what Slash thinks of the new stuff that Axl has played for him. It’d be nice to hear Slash say something like “there are some great new songs that Axl has that I’d like to put some guitar parts down to...” The fact that he doesn’t say that, says more to me than what he is actually telling the press.