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  1. No fuckin way! Mark Tremonti sings great lower key harmonies with Myles. Todd with Myles sounds like Mickey Mouse harmonising with Minnie Mouse...
  2. I thought they already did, with UYI 1&2
  3. Lol, you’re such a big fan that you can’t spell Myles properly... lol Thanks for the write up. How were the new songs? Better than Mind Your Manners and Driving Rain?
  4. I’m more interested in what Slash thinks of the new stuff that Axl has played for him. It’d be nice to hear Slash say something like “there are some great new songs that Axl has that I’d like to put some guitar parts down to...” The fact that he doesn’t say that, says more to me than what he is actually telling the press.
  5. I really don’t like the combination of Myles’ high pitched nasal vocals, with Todd’s even higher pitched vocal harmonies. It just sounds bad to my ears. Myles’ higher pitch works in Alter Bridge because Mark Tremonti sings lower key harmonies with him instead. But the Myles/Todd combo just ends up ruining whatever cool might be going on underneath by Slash. I find it comes across as really 80’s sounding vocals, and not in a good way.
  6. Revisionist history my ass. No one is stating that Axl had CD fully realised back then, but Axl definitely wanted to move on from their classic sound. And that’s been stated several times by both of them - musical differences
  7. Well, the fact that CD is the album that supposedly came about from years of Axl driving all the original members out as well as a bunch of different musicians over the years, and ended up with Axl as the sole original GN’R member on it as a Guns N’ Roses album. From that, I’d say that Slash now playing that stuff IS a pretty big fuckin deal. And it’s not so much about how he plays the stuff, it’s the fact that he’s playing that stuff in the first place. And he seemed to dismiss it as no big deal. Well, if it is no big deal to play Axl’s CD stuff, why did you leave GN’R over this music in the first place...?
  8. I find his response to the question about playing CD stuff, a bit cunt like. Especially because it is legit question the fans want to know about. I mean, CD, the direction Axl took, that he and the rest of the band couldn’t see eye to eye on, was one of the big factors that Slash and Axl split. And here Slash is all chill like, “yeah, I’m playing that CD stuff, it’s no big deal...” Well, clearly it IS a big deal, or otherwise you wouldn’t have left the band over it 20 years ago, for fuck sake. And then he can’t even go into details about whether they discussed new music further or listened to new music between them. What difference would that make? Really? This may have well have been a Dizzy interview. It’s great that the interviewer called him out on a few things too. It just seems that Slash was in a shitty mood for this interview.
  9. Slipknot

    I really like them, I’ve seen them headline festivals here in Australia, and they’re just as intense live. That said, I lean more towards Stone Sour these days.
  10. Foo Fighters

    I saw the Foo tour come through Australia earlier this year, and to me this is the Foos equivalent of GN’R’s UYI tour. They had backing singers, solo spots, cover songs (Queen, Alice Cooper) and it was all very over the top and grandiose rock n roll. I loved it. I agree that their music isn’t for everyone, but as far as putting on a big stadium rock show? They absolutely nailed it. Oh, and Taylor Hawkins is an absolute beast on that drum kit. He didn’t let up all night.
  11. I’m surprised people are voting for Axl. Slither at its best with him still sounds pretty average, and that Mickey chorus is outright terrible.
  12. UYI I & II vs. Load & Reload

    King Nothing has killer groove, and Fixxxer is just epic awesomeness
  13. UYI I & II vs. Load & Reload

    I voted UYI, but Load & Reload are pretty damn great too. Both sets of albums show both bands stepping outside of their comfort zones musically. Guns probably moreso than Metallica. Load/Reload sticks mainly to blues based hard rock, while UYI has punk, metal, country, stadium sized ballads and all out arena rock.
  14. Terminator Franchise (New film on the way)

    You must know some pretty old looking 38 year olds then. Yeah, she’s in good shape, but she still looks like someone’s grandmother
  15. Bullet for My Valentine

    My favourite is Scream Aim Fire. Some nice thrashy guitar on there. But with this new album, they’ve almost completely disregarded their sound and style. I’m not a fan of the new album at all.