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  1. Ok, I may have cheated and jumped into this episode without listening to any of the other previous episodes. But, I’ll be going back and listening now. I’m digging it, nice work everyone! And I assume that I’m the friend you mentioned in regards to the Ozzy/Post tracks discussion?
  2. I gave this album a good loud listen in my car today, and while I agree with the comments about the overall fuzzy mix and tones of the guitars on the album, I think all the tracks up to the stupidly silly Eat Me, are quite good. I’d even go as far as saying they’re quite strong and in some moments really great! That killer bass groove in All My Life is just fantastic. It’s like something from No More Tears. I still think the Post Malone clunkers finishing out the album are a poor choice to include, but the rest of the album (aside from Eat Me and the even dumber Scary Little Green Men) makes this one of my favourite Ozzy albums since Ozzmosis.
  3. I thought Scary Little Green Men was one of the worst ones. Ah well, at least we all agree that Post Malone is shit!
  4. Had a listen through, and it was better than I expected it to be, but still nowhere close to classic Ozzy. I can’t believe they included that shitty Post Malone song as a final track on the album. Just rubbish. That said, I didn’t mind him on that song Its A Raid.
  5. New Gilby Clarke Release: Rock n' Roll is Getting Louder

    Absolutely terrible. This is what he’s taken his time to write? Maybe he should keep working on it for a few more years until it’s good.
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    The one thing that validated that it very much was for GN’R, is that Caram was annoyed that info got leaked, and was worried that word got out about Slash going to Axl’s to record. I guess he was the one who dropped the amp off to get spruced up, and that he mentioned to the amp guys what he needed it for.
  7. James Hetfield Returns

    Either way, it’s great to see James back again. Still waiting for them to reschedule their cancelled Australia tour. And it was a kick in the nuts when they announced these new 2020 US festival dates after just cancelling the Aussie tour. But I’m still hoping they’ll be back here soon
  8. James Hetfield Returns

    That’s not really a mullet though. Mullet is short on top and long at the back. It all looks the same length there, just slowly growing out again.
  9. There have been past years where I’ve been disappointed in things about the band in regards to live shows and no new music etc. but this year so far has taken it to a new level for me. Firstly, the promise was, well, as much as what Slash has said in interviews - the focus after the NITL tour was to be the new album. Now he’s said it’s all too hard, and a bunch of new live shows have been announced instead, and still no confirmation of the new album. Then from the first show in Miami, we have probably the worst singing from an unrehearsed Axl who can’t even sing in time to his own songs (Dead Horse intro, and the November Rain outro particularly bad) to an out of time Frank (You Could Be Mine intro absolute mess) to Fortus not playing Izzy’s parts properly (to be fair though, he never did), to Slash going through the motions and noodling every solo. I’m beginning to really, and I mean really, hate this band. If they do actually release new music this year, and it’s good, I might be back on board. But as it stands, I’m embarrassed to be a fan of GN’R. And the thing is, I know a few other really big fans of the band, who are very much feeling the same way as I am. Isn’t it sad.
  10. I hope you’re right, but it is included with all the rest of their 2020 dates though. Check their Facebook cover photo and Miami is listed with all the rest
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    I guess they’d better just stick to toy trucks and laundry bags then...
  12. The "New Album" Thread

    Consider yourself lucky compared to some of us that were into the band and waiting since 1993 for new material...
  13. The "New Album" Thread

    Last time Slash got frustrated with GN’R like this was in 1996, and he later quit. I sure hope 2020 doesn’t go down that path again...
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    I’d take that AC/DC album news with a grain of salt. The guy reporting the news is more of a sports guy here in Oz. I highly doubt he has anymore inside info than anyone else does. And I also doubt they’d be releasing and album so soon with zero confirmation or promo out there yet. Amateurs, AC/DC are not.
  15. It’s kinda by the numbers Slash, but still better than the solo on the other song. Ozzy sounds really good, considering his age and supposed health while recording this.