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  1. So, I absolutely hated The Last Jedi, and my hatred for it grew so much that I had no intention of watching episode 9. But having seen this trailer, I’m interested. JJ has a way of promising something epic in his trailers, and this was no different. Especially with the scene at 1:40 that looks like debris of the Death Star? So epic...! Rian Johnson royally fucked up everything set up in Ep7, so much so that it was only logical that JJ bring back an iconic villain in the Emperor. Seeing as the conclusion of the trilogy has no time to reintroduce a new villain character, at this point (which I assume would’ve been Snoke, had he not been killed off). So, I think we’ll probably get a film at least on par with the Force Awakens. And hopefully wash away the bad taste that The Last Jedi left...
  2. Terminator - Dark Fate

    Yeah, I thought some of the premise of Salvation was really great. The Aussie actor who played a terminator that didn’t even know he was a robot was a cool plot story.
  3. I love Faith No More, but Mike Patton is a pretentious unappreciative fuckwit. Axl was a big fan of FNM, and Mike did nothing but bag him out the whole time they opened for them.