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  1. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Love it! Axl is still the same
  2. New Rose is so good. Always love it when Duff gets a chance at vocals. I drew out the cover art and put it as the cover for my binder in school. Alot of my friends were either confused or laughed at it
  3. NICE!!!! Thanks to everyone who posted pictures and videos. I sorely regret not going to see them when they came through Dallas in '16
  4. Books/Reading Thread

    A book I took off the shelf to re-read for a kick in the ass... Stuck : Why we can't (or won't) move on by Anneli Rufus. Because I'm in another crossroads in life...
  5. I saw your posts on freelance writing. Upwork I think it was called? How long have you been doing that? Just asking because I'm interested and have been doing some writing for years now, but I would be nice to make some money off it.

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    2. wasted


      I don’t know what you write, but just find a mag or webzine you think fits, and really follow submission guidelines. 

      Depending on what you want to do you could get 2-3 stories published then start to look at big publishers. 

      Or self publish on amazon and promo yourself.


    3. Destiny


      Sorry for late reply. Thanks for all the info. Will look into it all once I get off work. I don't write any one particular type of stories, just whatever the muse seems fit to bug me with.

      How would you say your experience with using upwork was/is? 

    4. wasted


      Ok but you’re a gun for hire, it doesn’t feel good. 

      If you want to get published or  find a home for stories Ralan is better. 

  6. the eating stuff thread

    I never understood the Krispy Kreme thing. Too sweet for my taste. Although I've never actually been inside a store... I'd rather support the mom n pops donut shops. If you're a regular and they like you they can throw in freebies sometimes.
  7. the eating stuff thread

    This year I barely got on the Dunkin Donuts bandwagon. I've been driving to the nearest one around 2 am for 99 cent iced coffees and a donut because I'm such an insomniac.
  8. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Andy is leaving. but who knows how Rick will go out Yeah that was a bit of an insult, killing the camera man as everyone was saying. It also bugged the hell out of me why they brought back Morales and then killed him the very next episode. Its been one ride watching this show from Day One, but the tumor has been slow growing. Those first few seasons though still bring back memories. And I'll always love Rick and Morgans moments.
  9. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    The goat was cute? If the Satanists applaud the movie and have their own showings of it then it must be pretty good! I was seriously thinking of watching it but decided against it. I've put my days of paranormal stuff behind me, but I can tell you the premise and storyline is by far the most accurate when it comes to dealing with that material.
  10. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    That's a good one. I never really cared much for Glen unlike alot of people in the fan community, so it didn't matter to me if he died then. But I had an inkling he wasn't gone for good either simply because he wasn't given the usual epic death scene. And I figured they were gonna follow in the comics footsteps at least with him.
  11. Books/Reading Thread

    I bought the LoTR trilogy back in November and am still working on it
  12. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    The same director from that movie The Witch, I think that was the name of the movie. Came out about two years ago.
  13. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    The same director from that movie The Witch, I think that was the name of the movie. Came out about two years ago.
  14. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    I can't even put into words how my love for the show has been in decline for a few years now. Negan showing up definitely helped put a fire back in the show for me but it fizzled kinda quick. I haven't watched the show in its opening time slot for a long time, just record it and watch it later. OFF Topic : What moment for you guys did the show officially "jump the shark'?