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  1. Terminator - Dark Fate

    Well that's where the writers come in and make up something. They seems to like doing that in this franchise
  2. Celebrities you want to shag.

    YES. Although I'd think he'd be kinda out of it during it ya know Man what I would give for one night with Luke Duke back in the day Also....Lee Pace (I dont care if hes gay, I'd still take a crack at him!) Charlie Hunnam (sp?) The guy from SoA. I saw an interview with him once and he seems like such a chill guy Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels Tom Hiddleston....first and foremost
  3. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I heard if you only watch 1 and 2 your good since this new one is suppose to follow events from 2.
  4. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I liked Salvation also. I mean c'mon it had a snippet of a GnR song again!
  5. The Joker

    Finally saw it sunday, without ANY prior knowledge of what the critics or public were saying. Very good. Wanted to catch it again today but got sidetracked... Taxi Driver popped into my head when he was pointing his new gun around his apartment, the set and props department did well with the era they were going for in the movie. I couldn't stop myself from saying "Oh No" out loud when he realized it was all in his head (about him and his neighbor down the hall). Phoenix was great and there is one scene in the beginning when he is getting chewed out by his boss and his face contorts to an eerie, dark smile that gave me chills. Director said there is no plan for a second movie so that's good. It wasn't until towards the end I remembered this was a movie based on a comic book villain and not a real person. A great dark, gritty movie and a nice departure from the shiny MCU movies of these past years.
  6. When I saw Slash play with Myles and they did Sweet Child, Jungle and Paradise I thought that was my only chance to hear those songs live by at least one original member of the band Glad to hear you loved your show
  7. Yeah Ol Jerry Jones is banking off that stadium. I haven't been to any concerts in att just monster jam, some rodeos and a pre season cowboys game THey really put on a show for those football games let me tell ya! I usually am able to score a family member to drop me off down the street from the stadium and just walk in there. Never parked and dont plan to if I can help it! Also the food wasnt bad during the game, but yeah pricey is the name of the game, plus the fact the beer selection is pretty disappointing makes me not want to drink alcohol. But who needs it when you can buy a giant refillable cup of soda right?!? The AAC in Dallas is a great concert venue, even the seats up top are good views assuming your not stuck behind people who constantly get up and come back during the show. I saw Aerosmith and Slash with Myles Kennedy there back in 2014. Post malone starts at 1:30......am?
  8. yeah I was so close to seeing them the first time around they came to Dallas. If I had known they would be hard pressed to come back I totally would've gone back then
  9. I really want to make this date since I couldn't make it last time they came to Dallas shiiiiiitttttt
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Hope you go out with a bang!
  11. The New Workout Thread

    "Body polishing"? sounds a bit..... I've gotten back into lifting again after 6 years and I don't know why I've been putting it off for so long. I felt stronger after my first session than I have in a long time. Of course I'm bumming off a friends membership, hoping no one at the place figures out we dont look a lot alike