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  1. That guy will be 78 by then. It's virtually guaranteed that he won't run again. He hasn't got all his shit together now. Imagine what 4 years will do to him.
  2. Yeah. Let's stop counting now. It's done. Like I said. Let's listen to Trump for once, as a parting gift and stop counting.
  3. Yeah. 2016 was going against the establishment of career politicians and a disliked ice queen. And I guess only a few knew how crazy that guy really is and thought he would reign himself in, once he's president. But now everyone knows that he is a narcissistic POS, without any redeeeming qualities. Now they exactly know what they are voting for.
  4. And just the fact that people would vote for a guy who would go as far as to ask courts to suppress all votes be counted really tells you enough you need to know about these people and that guy. And that he has the audacity to claim that he believes/protects democracy. That guy is a total freak and fraud.
  5. Yeah. I heard about those explanations. Still doesn't make sense. A vote is a vote. Every vote should count the same.
  6. Not if you ask Trump. But yes. That's the way it is, why else do you think people voted?
  7. Seriously, this electoral college business is so idiotic. Why not count votes? Who cares from which fucking state they are from? At this point Biden has 68,559,896 and Trump has 66,369,330 (it is shocking though how close it is at this point). Easy, if that doesn't change. Why give someone all the electoral college votes, just because he has some more votes in a state? Why make someone who has less votes president?
  8. Yeah. If anything, it's clear that it's not only "some people", which is the really shocking thing.
  9. Well, he's clearly NOT making music and didn't in a long time, so he might as well do something and urge people to vote. That's important. As for shutting up, maybe you should.
  10. Hmm. Well, I never got the fascination with Connery. Yeah, he's the "original". But so what? And finally seeing/hearing him with his natural voice/slang (as opposed to the dubbed version) didn't help either. My favourite Bond always has been Roger Moore. Until Pierce Brosnan came along.
  11. Geez. Why don't you all just stop with these stupid threads/questions?
  12. Maybe they can declare the last seasons a dream? Just have him step out of the shower, please. But, that said, I'm still somewhat excited. And apparently the showrunner from season 1 - 4 is involved. So that could mean good things.
  13. Yes. Warehouse is fun. If you like the Librarians, I'm sure you like Warehouse too. Just watched "Flesh and bone". It deals in the world of ballet (don't particularly care for ballet), but it was entertaining. Only one season. So a quick watch.
  14. Sucks that it got updated. But it would have been way better though if they put Axl, Slash and Duff next to each other.
  15. Yeah. And there is still so much stuff I want to watch. But with no travelling and no concerts, I finally can catch up. Librarians is a fun show, think a mixture of Indiana Jones and Warehouse 13. Oh, and I forgot, also finished/rewatched Teen Wolf Black-ish Vikings 5.1
  16. Little update: Westworld Season 3 Goldbergs Schooled Kidding Season 2 Big little lies Season 2 Barry Season 2 Deputy Hooten and the lady Silicon Valley Final season The brink Veep Final season Deadbeat Hung Single parents The Unicorn The Librarians Divorce Watchmen Once upon a time Final season Halt and catch fire
  17. Well. By now BJ is a solo project. It already was when Sambora still was in the band and is one of the reasons why Sambora left/has no interest in returning. Hell, the average housewife fan treats it as a solo project.
  18. There. Corrected that for you.
  19. Yeah. No reason to believe it won't get moved again. No sure though I wanna wait a full year. But Licence (the first Bond I saw at the cinema) is 30 years ago. Every other movie since was a winter movie. I would like to keep it like that. Exotic and hot locations is just something for the winter. Not for early summer.
  20. Fuck. There really is no time to die. I want an new Bond movie in Fall/Winter. Not towards summer. That's just fucking wrong.
  21. A) He states it as fact. B) even it just was his opinion, it's bullshit. You do not seriously believe this is an actual performance??
  22. It wasn't me who said that one band "on the worst day of their fuckin' existence, is better than the other band at their best", which is the real bullshit.
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