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  1. Dusty Hill of ZZ Top has passed at 72. RIP https://www.guitarworld.com/news/dusty-hill-dies-at-72
  2. This really sucks, Joey was ridiculously talented. RIP brother 🤟
  3. I always liked it, Axl did a great job with the vocal
  4. Cool, I can smoke out of it while I listen to bands that actually release music
  5. I took an edible last night, thought it wouldn't hit very hard... I think I'm still a little high.
  6. These guys are from my local music scene. I'm good friends with one of the guitar players. The band isn't signed as far as I know.
  7. I have a good amount of material on streaming services but this is the song I consider to be my best. It's deep house, hopefully you're not too picky on genre.
  8. I agreed with your whole post but I wanted to single this part out as I really agree here. MJ was/is on a different level of fame. Everyone knows about Michael Jackson.
  9. Hey everyone, I had @RussTCB on my show this past week. Since it's semi-relevant, I'll post it here if anyone wants to check it out as well.
  10. LA Woman by the Doors. Fantastic record.
  11. This actually kind of sucks, I was really looking forward to the Minneapolis show.
  12. What's up everyone? It's been a hot minute since I've posted here. I'm looking for an amp that's good to use in a home studio setting. I'm using an Epiphone LP Goldtop for the guitar. I want something that is good for recording through both USB and occasionally a mic. Feel free to ask if you need more information. Thanks!
  13. Hopefully this tour happens. I'm fully vaccinated and would love to make GN'R my first live show in over a year.
  14. Avicii- True (2013) Say what you will about electronic music but the amount of work and effort that clearly went into this album is insane. You can tell that Tim was heavily involved in every aspect. There's filler songs but even those are pretty high quality.
  15. I struggle with anxiety/depression and I have to go with Axl's peace of mind here. Those kind of problems don't vibe well with the music industry, especially when you're someone like Axl. I understand that as fans, we want that material. To justify my answer though, I relate to the stress that comes with writing/releasing music and I'm on an underground level. That shit is terrifying at times because as a songwriter, you know all of the intricacies of your music and you can fall into the trap of being a perfectionist. I can't imagine how much worse it is on Axl's level.
  16. Wrong thread but I don't want to dig for the other one I usually have joints but I tried a bowl with my friend yesterday and I don't know what it is but the high is way better for me. I ended up going out and getting one today.
  17. Planning a solo road trip to Nashville, TN. Anyone from there/been there that knows what there is to do? Open to pretty much any suggestions.
  18. I actually had a dream last week where GN'R were playing a show at the church my parents made me go to as a kid. They were playing Attitude and Duff walks over with the mic while somehow still playing the bass and we would both shout "Attitude!" into the mic. Then, after the show, we all went to Rockford, Illinois, which is like 2 hours from where the show was, and we had donuts with hundreds of other people. I managed to get "backstage" which was actually just an outdoor seating area. Axl and Duff come and sit down next to me, we talk about whatever. I saw Slash but he didn't talk to me.
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