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  1. Sounds like the real fans are waking up... And not willing to shell out for the same recycled crap show. Besides with more cases in victoria an aussie tour is looking less likelier by the day
  2. Exactly mate. Which is the reason i aint going to see them this time around (if it still goes ahead)... Just had the under the southern stars gig cancelled for the 3rd time on me cos of "covid".... No more GnR shows until they actually work out there shit for once... #toohardschool
  3. Terrible news. Gibbo is a fellow aussie and mate ive talked to many times. Always commenting, sharing an supporting the page. Love the hard work he does for the gnr fans. Shame on the turds that report shit like this...
  4. Been saying that for years too... Def can hear the same patterns from that audio phone call. Especially the "oh my love what can it be blinded by grace with me", part. Would love to hear a final mix one day too...
  5. Not necessarily... They have played OMG and silkworms live before and they're not album songs?
  6. If someone has the elusive 99 re-recorded AFD... Its needs to see the light of day.. Axls voice is on point here... Fkn love it! Not better than the original of course... But that version has some zing and love to hear that lineups job on all the songs
  7. Read the book then? Lol Then you'll know what we all mean...
  8. Yea thats it mate, thing is he aint sounding any better these days so whats he gonna be like in the 60s haha? Hope its still a good tour though.. But yea its literally hardschool or bust this time around.
  9. Agreed. Not bothering giving them anymore $$$ until something new is released... Adelaide, Aus: 2007, 2010, 2017
  10. I love em all... Jon stevens was a great first vocalist an local boy, and i thought corabi was good (as i actually prefer his vocals in crue for that 1 album) lol ?.. But yea at least its something... Where as this muppet is contained with appearances on scooby do so...?? Haha
  11. All i can say is lol.... Thankyou dead daisies for keeping rock albums going, plenty of albums out since chi dem.. And fun fact, slash played guitar on 1 track on first album, and fortus/reed/frank have all been either touring members or recorded in studio with the band. Prove me wrong team brazil... Pry that epic state of grace and the general from axls cold, grumpy hands and share with the world... ✌😂😂
  12. Oh ok nice one. Audio good then? Nah its not There anymore, that i can see anyways lol. Great lineup, should have done more with them... What a waste
  13. You were? 2002 rocked, howd you get Leeds show? Nightrain with bucket is the tit*s ! Lol...
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