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  1. Not gonna happen... 2022 maybe if the east coast of oz plays ball....
  2. "Are you listening to me mr security guy ??.. That guy right there, gone..." 😉😂✊
  3. Not sure... Coz its gnr i guess?? Lol I seen the screen shot of her tweet cant find atm... But yea not looking good for oz and new zee in 2021...
  4. Duffs wife has already tweeted a fan about this. Its re scheduled to 2022. Kiss concert too. No big gigs for us (oz) for awhile....
  5. Im also piggybacking on this please and thanks. Bucket an finck era rules!!!
  6. No vocals version has been leaked yet. Would love that track, dummy and tonto with vocals on the next album... They are rockers!
  7. That statement in itself is..... Yep... You guessed it.... ABSURD!!! LOL
  8. Agreed with the studio part and the aussie tour part... Getting to close and still too many cases all over the country.. Plus the incoming people daily being let back in contagious is disgusting...
  9. Especially that drum breakdown part near the end. I like that
  10. Why except mediocracy ???? People pay big money to see bands live.... No mickey and team brazil out...
  11. Id love to hear the music starts.. The lights come on.. Axl starts in that low devilish voice.. " what can i say.. Free will is blind today".. And the 5% of the crowd who are actually real hardcore fans erupts.... Everyone else shrugs an waits for its so easy next up... 🎤😂🎉
  12. Exactly.... This new wave couldnt have come at a worser time.. Ughh
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