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  1. Agreed. I find Libertad to be much more consistent, although nothing on the album quite reaches the highs of Fall to Pieces or Slither. Neither albums hold a candle to Chinese Democracy though
  2. Just skimmed through the episode, only the first 40 minutes was the actual show. Nothing about a new album was mentioned at all. Duff talked about playing Attitude and So Fine live and that was the scope of GNR talk...
  3. https://blog.siriusxm.com/duff-mckagan-is-back-with-three-chords-the-truth-show-on-ozzys-boneyard/#:~:text=Duff McKagan%2C legendary Guns N,Truth on Ozzy's Boneyard (Ch.&text=McKagan recently collaborated on Ozzy,Andrew Watt and Chad Smith. According to this page, there's a new episode of the show each week and they broadcast it Friday through Tuesday. If Duff did mention something about a new album in the last episode, I think we may have missed our shot at hearing it assuming that there's a new episode each Friday and the show won't be broadcast tomorrow (Thursday). That being
  4. My thoughts as well. I also remember Fernando saying in his chat that Hardschool likely would’ve been performed at a later date had the 2020 tour not been cancelled
  5. The version on Rough Mixes #1 with the original solo (played by Robin?) is top shelf. The one that made the album with the inferior solo and intro? Eh...
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