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  1. It's not for everyone, but I really like it - Zombie Apocalypse's version of jungle
  2. Had he agreed to receive PayPal back then, I would have had my copy...
  3. They were hired guns, hired to write, hired to record and hired to preform. A solo album doesn't mean going full Mike Oldfield I the studio, writing producing and playing every single instrument. Mark knopfler wrote almost every Dire Straits song, so does Danzig at Misfits. It doesn't mean those albums were solo efforts. David Bowie, a solo artist, colaberted with many musicians- co-wrote songs together- and the albums were still considered solo.
  4. Priceless answer coming from you That's from the link: According to data from the U.K., of the 257 deaths caused by the Delta variant, 92 people hadn’t been vaccinated (36%), 47 had received one dose of vaccine (18%) and 118 had received two doses (46%). Therefore, the majority of deaths (54%) were among persons who hadn’t acquired the full protection that is only provided two weeks after completing both doses of the vaccine.
  5. Hey that's not fair, Rodney Dangerfield was awesome!
  6. Not a fanboy (neither Slash or Axl), I think it would be interesting. Just listen to the instrumental Universal Monsters Maze, ie We belong dead
  7. Amazing, this is exactly the concept for the coffee place I'm about to open, with GN'R memorabilia on the walls!
  8. OK NEVERMIND! I was certain it was part of the song, until I got the 01.01.01, HOB recording (downloading a full show back in 2001 wasn't easy...)
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