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Guns N' Roses @ Geneva - Sep 16th


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Show start: 10:20


01. Chinese Democracy

02. Welcome To The Jungle

03. It's So Easy

04. Mr. Brownstone

05. Sorry

06. Richard Fortus Solo (James Bond Theme)

07. Live And Let Die

08. This I Love

09. Rocket Queen

10. Dizzy Reed Solo (Ziggy Stardust)

11. Street Of Dreams

12. Shackler's Revenge

13. Dj Ashba Solo (Ballad Of Death)

14. Sweet Child O' Mine

15. Band Jam (Another Brick In The Wall)

16. Axl Rose Solo (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / Someone Saved My Life Tonight)

17. November Rain

18. Bumblefoot Solo (Pink Panther Theme)

19. You Could Be Mine

20. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

21. Better

22. Nightrain


23. Catcher In The Rye

24. Whole Lotta Rosie

25. Paradise City

VIDEO (It's So Easy)


* packed venue

* Sign in front: please play CITR with a pic of a baseball catcher and rye

* axl's jumping around during rosie, bumble is headbanging

Thanks to jarmo and AdZ

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Thanks for updating. Nice setlist with Shacklers, Better and CITR. TWAT would be nice, but I know the chances are low. Especially towards the end of a show, I guess.

yeah that would be awesome.

but Shacklers, Better and Catcher is just huuuuge, i love that songs!!

great, amazing set lists on this leg of the tour!

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Just back from geneva, the show and the setlist were really awesome !! they stay on stage more than 2 hours !

If eel so happy, Best show I've ever seen !

Shackler's live was especially amaizing !

Axl was in great shape and his voice was incredible in kohd and this I love

Bumblefoot totally nailed the nightrain solo with the fretless !


your commander in chief

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Just back from gig. Crowd was dead. There were a few half-decent moshes during YCBM, Nightrain n PC (PC had the cool extended intro they tried for the first time at the L'ARC gig), but that was it. It was a real shame, Axl really tried to get the crowd going during KOHD but they were so quiet. It didn't seem that they weren't enjoying it, just that they had quiet reverence for the band (appropriate for Switzerland I guess :P ). Bercy was MUCH more vibrant (the reviews which said people didn't move in Bercy were bullshit, the atmosphere was electric that night). People didn't move to Better, let alone CITR (great performances of both songs though, 3 gigs and I've heard CITR both acoustic and electric :) ). People I spoke to afterwards said they enjoyed the show, so I guess it's just a case of the Swiss being calmer during gigs. Still, I had a great time which is the most important thing ;) (though obviously NOTHING will top the L'ARC gig). Some chick kept trying to grind on me during Murderdolls. I got rid of her by the time the main act started. I had my eyes on a 48 year old biker-tached ginger dude. Nothing gets in the way of my Axl Rose enjoyment. NOTHING.

I should probably seek professional help :P

Choice quote: Axl, just before Better: "Just because I'm hungover doesn't mean I get to go home early..."

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Great setlist. I would love to hear CITR and Shacklers when I go see Guns again. So happy that better is part of the setlist. I was kinda bummed when I was at Sturgis and they didnt play it. That was the song I was looking forward to seeing the most.

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