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"Your Axl Rose Impression Will Never Be As Good As This Guy's"


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"Your Axl Rose Impression Will Never Be As Good As This Guy’s

By Sarah Walker

It was not this Saturday that I myself NAILED “Sweet Child O’ Mine” at my friend’s birthday party. I sounded AWESOME. Everyone who was at the Sly Fox will tell you that I killed it. Everyone. You don’t even need to ask them you can just trust. But this guy. THIS GUY!!

This guy is the best!! He just needs to incorporate some swaying, perhaps a kilt, bandana and a catcher’s chest guard and he’ll be all set. I don’t know if we’ll be able to differentiate between the two."

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Wow, this guy is awesome.

My son does a good imitation of Axl. he has the sway down too. lol He's a drummer in his own band, but I think he could probably be the singer too, but he doesn't like to do both.

Anyway, Axl should contact this guy incase he ever loses his voice. lol

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LOL, shut it off after 5 seconds. Ya'll don't know who Chad Atkins is then.....lead singer of Gun's tribute band "Appetite For Destruction"...best visual/aural Axl impersonation in the world, period.


Appetite is badass. Seen them about a dozen times with a handful of different Slashes.

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