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MYGNRFORUM *not* closing


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Fellow GNR fans,

It is with regret to inform you that mygnrforum.com GNR Fan Forumwill be closing as of Friday April 15th.

Running mygnrforum.com since December 31st 2001 has been fun for a long time. It’s made me discuss and meet a whole lots of great GNR fans from all over the world (you know who you are), it’s also gave me the opportunity assist many GNR concerts for free, meet the band and Axl Rose.

In recent years, some aspects have grown to be whole lot less fun: leaks, lack of communication from management, even lawyer letters from the band. Those I lived with and became accustomed to.

Running internet Forum for a large website such as mygnrforum.com (38,452 members) and ten times more fans visiting (guests) requires expensive servers for which the monthly costs are significant.

Absence of promotion of Chinese Democracy, still no US tour, waiting for new material, the recession, are all factors which affect how much money can be made to offset the hosting fees which have been significantly higher than what ads and donations bring in.

I do thank the few supporters who have made donations. Unfortunately, it’s something that never really took off as only few people were able to donate (190$ in the last year). Supporters who have made donations in the last year have been informed how they can get a pro-rata refund if they wish.

So for many years now, I’ve been putting up my own money to help keep alive the Forum. This is a situation which I have discussed with GNR many times. Aside from expressing they want mygnrforum.com closed in the past, even after being offered, GNR has not shown any concrete interest in supporting and/or taking over the mygnrforum.com.

Aside from not making any business sense to run the Forum, it’s grown to expose me as the owner of the site to lawyer letters threatening lawsuits. So it’s making sense to throw the towel now and just close the mygnrforum.com. I guess GNR will finally have what it has wanted for a very long time!

I do believe that this was the best GNR fan Forum of all, with the best infrastructure, best moderating team and best forum members (GNR fans). It’s a shame that could not grow into something more. I often browse other band’s websites and fan forums and truly envy how those other bands have embraced the internet, fan forums, and fans! But not GNR unfortunately. I often think that the Forum could have been so much more for GNR. But then again GNR could also be so much more. But it’s currently not, and has not been for some time now. Great band, great music, great signer, but not so great marketing.

Thank you all for your continued interest during the last 10 years, I truly hope all the GNR fans will be able to find a place to continue to exchange. Thank you to all the forum members who made mygnrforum such a great place over the years, and a special thank you to all the members of the moderating team (past and present) who have put so much of their time into this. Special thanks to Highvoltage, Montrealer and Madison for their implication over the years of running this place.

I also wish all the best to GNR and to Axl Rose for the future.

Eric Romano, admin

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My initial reaction to this news was surprise – but after a few hours of deliberation, I must admit, I’ve faced the music… and can no longer see a reason for Eric to keep MYGNR open.

What I find particularly frustrating is that it didn’t have to be this way. We come together here as fans to support a band we all love with fevered passion… yet still we have to fight seemingly endless battles against that very same entity. You can only gloss over the flaws for so long before eventually, you begin to wonder why you’re doing it anymore. All it would have taken was a little more love. It wouldn’t have taken much.

When you couple that with the general feeling that GN’R doesn’t want MYGNR around anymore… what’s the point in paying all the server costs?

I still love this band. I always will. I’ve had great memories of the tours, the ever-gracious band members that I’ve had the fortune of meeting, and seeing some of the most exciting live performances I’ve ever witnessed…

But the best memories will always be of the people… all the members here now and over the years, banned or unbanned, posting or dormant. I’ve been coming to this site almost every day since 2004 – I was 15 and in high school. I’m now 22 and in the final stages of a law degree. Discussions on MYGNR have shaped some of my political and social viewpoints, and some of the members here are people who I hope I will know for many years onwards.

GN’R in any carnation (be it this, a CD II lineup or an eventual reunion) will always play a huge part of my life.

Everything runs its course. MYGNR has done just that.



- Thanks to Eric/Madison for the opportunity 6 years ago. I appreciated it then and I still do now.

- Thanks to Mont, Zint, Subsy and Rick for keeping things fun. You guys kept me here a lot longer than I otherwise would have stuck around.

- Thanks to ER, Jackie Moon, Binge and Slash, Juha/New Rose, P4A, LBV, Kevin, nameless_girl, Spoon87, White Raven, username, Teddy Millmoor, Leigh-Rok!, Paula McKagan, cold_as_ice, katie/yesilikegnr, IndiannaRose, Gunsguy, A4A, JAG, santana, johnezz and anyone else who I've spent way too much time talking shit with over the years.

- Thanks to the aussie crew and to all the guys I met over the years... aussie_axl, gunns5, Teejay, ThinkAboutYou, Megan, Pierce, etc... you guys were the shit.

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Wow I was not expecting this!

It's sad to see this forum go by the wayside, even though it gets crazy here its not nearly as crazy as the other major GNR forums

Thank you Eric for help run the site for so long! :)

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well Im one of those guests leeching....

HTGH was my primary forum until they sold out to the corporate bs and it wasnt a true fan forum. Found this place and got my GNR fix for last 5 years or so.

Much respect to admins and mods for not selling out and turning into another HTGH. Thx guys for everything!

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Ive spent my last 8 years here... (with other user, argentina roses)... cant believe it...

Thank you Eric, Mods and forum members.

It was an amazing ride, i believe this is the right desicion...

Hope the future will gather us again here, who knows...

So many memories...

Best forum ever.


Cheers and good luck/life from Argentina.

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Guest gunns5

ILL See all you fuckers on facebook, great meeting a lot of fans from here last year,

special shout out goes to young gun, think about you, HIGH voltage ( i still owe you that beer, hopefully it happens later this year)

and all the others,

thanks gnr, a nice opener for rir4


eric can i buy the domain name and redirect it to gnronline.com ?

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I always wanted to find the guys I met at the last Hammerstein Show in NYC. You guys were in the front of the line with myself and my friend. We were atleast the first 10 people. My friend and I are from Texas. Anyway, thanks for helping us out. You guys saved our spot to go eat. You guys gave us earplugs for stupid Bullet for my valentine. I bumped into one guy again at the Vegas shows months later. U guys fn rocked! Hardcore fans at its finest!!! :thumbsup:rock3

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I got to meet Axl Rose and the rest of the band due largely to this forum. It's been real. Thanks to all the Mods for your time and effort over the years and big ups to the Pirate Nation. Make sure Wasted gets the message that I'm over on gunsnfnroses.com.

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