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MYGNRFORUM *not* closing


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Guest gunns5


So, obviously this is bad news and all for us fans - I've been a supporter coming to this website for a long time (since 03) - but I'm now confused about two things:

1) Why the fucking hell are you guys (Eric and Highvoltage) thanking Madison now after you both turned against her a year ago?

2) Why do you think it should be Axl's or the band's responsibility to pay for the server fees to keep this place up and running?

Firstly, a year ago, Eric and the rest of the mod team we're busy justifying giving Madison the boot and patting themselves on the back for attempting to get on the band's good side. Now all of a sudden because the band won't pay for the server fees you're all about how the band is "not so great [at] marketing," and you're back to thanking Madison for all the help she was? Give me a break.

Even though Axl didn't like Madison maybe had you guys not shown her the door she could have covered some of these increased fees? She was after all an Admin here…

Secondly, why wouldn't you expect threatening letters from GN'R legal team? This place was a hotbed for leaks back in '06, and they know it. A formal cease and desist letter isn't anything personal against the forum, it's just business…a business that could be severely damaged by leaked intellectual property. If I were in GN'R's camp this would definitely be a place I'd send a cease and desist letter to if potentially harmful material was about to be leaked.

And if GN'R didn't care about the forum then why did Axl, Bumble, DJ, Fernando, etc. come on here and chat on occasion with us fans?

And thirdly, why on earth would anyone here think it's GN'R's responsibility to pay for this forum? Eric, when you started this forum back in 2001 did you or anyone else here expect for the band to someday come and take it off your hands? You started this as a fan. It's never been anyone's responsibility but yours.

You can claim that GN'R is bad at marketing all you want, but the fact of the matter is, they do things their way and always have. Obviously your little forum didn't fit into their vision. After all, 30, 000 something forum members is quite insignificant when compared to the total GN'R fanbase; and might I add, that these 30, 000 something forum members have never done anything but bitch and moan. So why would Axl want to take this place over?

Let's not pretend this forum closure is something it's not. Reality is it's expensive keeping this place running. Fine, and understandable. But let's not play both sides of the fence here -- first by reducing Madison to nothing to appease the band, and then applauding her and condemning the band when things don't go your way.

Agreed 100%. Sorry, but this is the truth. It would've been a nice gesture, but GN'R had no obligation to financially support this place.


Exactly and on point as usual,why bother to fund a hotbed of haters,fucking e-experts,self important doucheminded idiots and assholes who are holding their goddamn breath for a pie in the sky reunion that ain't gonna happen,you let the MSL bullshit go on unchecked,and now you wanna blame it on the big mean band that is not responsible for this clusterfuck,Fuck MyGnr,as well as all the whiners,complaints,and fuckheads that think they know how to run GNR,and Fuck Eric for trying to pull this pity trip and blame the band for his cesspool of a forum,shoulda fucking made better decisions as to what to allow on this place,and what to take down,doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why a legal action was inevitable,the only thing you did right was get rid of the trashy,lying,cunt madison,no pity here,GNR does not and never did need this fucking shithole,good riddance motherfuckers,don't let the door hit you in the ass,you drove this shit to hell,not GNR,outta here

fuck off warchild, you're worse then madison ever was.

Why do you think this got to be the biggest gnr forum on the net?

Freedom of speech, unlike another forum that gnr are choosing to support, this one freely talked about whatever and whomever.

Now that this place has gone, its going to be even more boring in the world of gnr..

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been here since 10 years

and I loved MYGNR more than I love GNR.

now I feel homeless.

yes GNR doesnt have to fund this place bla bla bla but

look at gunsnroses.com ! the latest news is dj ashba !

f*! that !

and to those who think that people here only bitched and moaned, personally I did that

because I love GNR and I know its downsides unlike other "lesser" fans and sellouts.

mygnr got my clicks as much as yahoo/google etc. did. same case for many others

so I can imagine its costs... but that cost is nothing compared to threatening letters from the band

hope that the legacy of this forum haunts you for the rest of your lives

thank you eric and co.

ps: lets sell this forum to slash so that he could truely merit that star on the walk of fame.

pps: I wanna see some "save mygnr" flags in the Rock in Rio crowd

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I can't believe this. :o

Isn't there another way?

I stopped coming here for the band a long time ago. I've spent so much time in AG it's ridiculous. I really love some of guys. :( Damn I'll miss it so much. I really hope they'll be another forum where we can all post again.

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I am stunned and sad for Eric, High, Madison, Gunsguy and all the other contributors. I salute you.

That being said, this forum has weakened every year since the release. After the anticipation, there was not much left. The mystery and magic was gone.

BUT, this is/was and will always be THE GnR forum and I'm shocked beyond reason, that the band/management can be THIS FUCKING STUPID! They're peeing in their pants to keep warm. BAD, BAD strategy.

A football team, a writer, a newspaper or a band is NOTHING without its fans. The fans are the holy grail for them. It's them that puts the money in at the ground level. The closing of this board can ONLY - I repeat - ONLY be negative for the band.

Over the last couple of years, I've started to feel really alienated by the band. Guess my feeling was right.

They have done FUCK ALL, apart from milking their fans for dollars, touring the world at places they knew they'd sell out, or at least make a big profit. Apart from that, Axl acts like everyone, the fans included, is his enemies.

When people listen to music, their feelings either makes them like it, or dislike it. We also put alot of feelings into a song BEFORE we listen to it. Now that Axl has finally shown what a fucking emotionally retarted moron he is, I think it will take one hell of an effort to win back his fans through music alone. Cat Stevens became a muslim and moved to the middle east and lived as a munk. Fine. It was his choice. He disappeared and the fans had to accept it. No more music from that brilliant lad. With Axl though, it's his complete arrogance that bothers me. It's clear that he doesn't want to be in music anymore. He hates everything about it. I'm sure he doesn't hate his fans, but it's all just a burden on him.

I have nothing against Bill Bailey, the private guy, but Axl Rose is loosing new fans every day, and it now has nothing to do with the old band. It's the new bands attitude that despise me.

Congratulations GnR! You've managed to surgically remove your own spine when you needed it the most!

I feel sorry for Ron, DJ, Richard, Dizzy and the rest. They're into this project with their hearts and souls. They're proud to represent GnR.

Sadly, Axl is not.

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Wow this is sad. Thanks for your efforts, Eric and everyone else involved! It seems to have been an awesome place over the years.

As for the band not supporting this place, I think it is a shame but bot very strange. When you talk about Axl Rose in some way, it always gets more or less personal. It's easy to understand why as he has a big personality and needs to be analyzed in order to guess what's going on with the band, since he never explains himself. It's much more like this with him than with any other musician. Even us supporting him and are talking about GN'R here get personal one way or another. It's what he should have done, what we wish he didn't do, how some of his personality traits are unfortunate, how they explain his actions, "how could he wear that", his childhood, his relationships,etc. And this goes on and on and on and on. Imagine you had no interest in fame whatsoever and there was a place on the internet where 30 000 people had opinions of you as a person, many of them expressing them every single day. I could see how that would be uncomfortable.

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Guest gunns5

thanks to a lot of people on here,this is my last post, thanks to high voltage, Thinkaboutyou, young gun, teejay, randylahey/itw2012,wasted, slaa and eric for making this possible and a few others.

I visited this place nearly every day for the past 5 years and really sometimes its the only site i visit when i check out the net,

ill be on the gnfnr forum a long with the others on here so ill seeya guys there

its a shame that this has to come to it, but money makes the world go round

gunns signing off mygnr/

cyall on gnfnr

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Yeah, why the fuck hasnt anyone asked that question. I mean if we can fork out the dough we could keep this show on the road couldnt we?

yes we could

but not against threats from a band that we are here to support

that sucks in a whole new dimension

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