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Vote for GNR (Best live act in the world)


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The nominations are in, now pick a winner: who is the greatest live act in the world today?


Rush 45.96%

Iron Maiden 13.01%

Guns N’ Roses 8.27%

Dream Theater 6.4%

Muse 3.34%

Metallica 2.13%

Foo Fighters 2.4%

Roger Waters 1.93%

Rammstein 1.73%

U2 1.53%



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Guest NewGNRnOldGNR

Repeatedly registering a vote bolsters a percentage hugely; with persistency there's a significant possibility we could secure Guns N' Roses the title of "best live world act".

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Rise Rise

as Rammstein put it,

but for GNR B)

I do like the Germans a lot,

and I did so them live also last year.

but I just can't help myself

I have a wick spot for GNR in me,

I wonder way...!?

because GNR ROCKS! :D

it is so amusing to come here and write this whole silly stuff that I do,

that I just need to come here and do it all over again.

I'm curious, if I'll be doing this when I'll be in my 80s :D ?

if by that time Axl will have someone replacing him,

with his full accord,

and that guy will just mime singing

on Axl's lyrics we hadn't heard before,

as the back store is getting bigger by the minute,

since DJ said that there now are 3 albums worth of material,

as I thought just 2 remain after the release of Chinese Democracy,

but fair is fair, it's been 3 years almost since the release,

and with the tour and all, maybe the guys got inspired. :D

and thus, Axl's being so productive over the years,

I guess they could go on without him,

just as they did with 2Pac. B)

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Guest NewGNRnOldGNR

you can't vote multiple times.

There was a time you could; but obviously MusicRadar has corrected that problem since.

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As much as I love GNR and Chinese Democracy, Rush gets my vote. Working on their 19th album, been around for 40 years and still kicking ass live. Their musicianship and consistency is incredible. I have never seen or heard of a bad Rush show. I love axl to death but he can be inconsistent live vocally. He gives the energy, but Rush has all of the above IMO

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