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Funny Axl


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Very cool video. Someone in the "Axl angry" thread or whatever it was called the other day mentioned they'd be afraid to approach him if they ever met him, but any fan video I've seen Axl always seems to be like this. This one is especially cool because it shows he has no bitterness towards Slash in the sense of telling a funny story and the general good times they used to have. Like someone else said, he probably just gets pissed about the reunion stuff.

In any event, it's nice to see Axl out and in a good mood!

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I gotta be the only one who watches this and feels bad

Really? About what?

Axl's remembering fondly those times with Slash yet he claims to hate the guy at the same time

Then the way the conversation ends is really awkward, just a walk away nobody saying goodbye or thanks

But that is normal. I had a friend of 16 years totally ditch our friendship because of a tramp, then when she played up on him, he tried to contact me but I didn't want anything to do with him. But I can still remember the good times we had, even though I hate the c^nt now.

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