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I'm not even sure you can group 1987-1989 together. Listen to his voice on Appetite then listen to the Ritz and Donington shows from 1988. In a year his voice had already changed quite a bit, no doubt due to the aggressive touring schedule mixed with the way he sings. It's definitely going to take a a toll on his voice. His voice at Donington especially was almost non-existent.

Same with 1990-1992. Some of 1991 was overly raspy whereas 1992 it was a bit cleaner sounding overall. I'd say his most consistent years for his voice would be 2006-2007 as well as 2010. While he got stronger as those particular tours went on, his actual tonality didn't really change that much.

I'm going to null vote and agree with BirdCatcher that Axl has always had good nights and bad nights since the beginning. Some shows in 1991 sound amazing and others not much. Same with any other year.

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