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Bumblefoot and Hulk Hogan "Throwing it down freestyle Brother!"

Tyler Drama

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I thought it was weird since he bashed Axl.... 'I don't want any part of it'... hmmmmmmmmmmmm... :rofl-lol::rofl-lol: Thanks for posting the link was going to post it but someone beat me too it LOL... No big deal just sounds bit hypocritical to me or maybe Bumble didn't get the memo... :shrugs:.

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Man screw HOEgan's ass lol, (so many reasons for that one, won't get into, and none has to do with Axl either) besides he always says things that are either the most popular to say or that will get some kind of traction (like apparently last year)

anyhow, was always much more of a Macho Man fan R.I.P.

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What a media whore.

He says if it's not Slash and the original guns n roses he doesn't want any part of it - but to make a few $$ for some protein shake he jams with Slash's replacement.

Says he likes Slash because he stayed in the media and stayed in awards shows. Birds of a feather...

Hulk - I challenge you to explain yourself, step up like a man, and admit you were shooting shit just so you could be on Rolling Stone camera when you dissed Axl and Guns N Roses.

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