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Guy tells Slash that he's not Slash :D


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That looks like the beginnings of TMZ, capturing celebs outside of bars on video, but when it was just the overseas guys doing it. The guy was taunting him into a fight, and he wasn't playing. Just because he comes off like a hard rock Dean Martin at times doesn't mean he isn't above taking a shot at someone. But they all know they better call the lawyers because it's going to turn into a case.

Basically - paparazzi are looking for a big payday. Axl was justified in knocking that guy at the airport out, it was already physical with Beta, so you never heard of it again. Odds are it was handled out of court, the guy got money for his camera, and a few extra dollars. But in an airport, that can be federal prison.

Now it's any idiot with a camera that can make a quick buck.

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