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I want to be SPOOKED out of my mind

Guest Sleeping Like An Angel

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Guest Sleeping Like An Angel

Ok in a nutshell I want a list of the most terrifying scary films out there. I've seen quite a lot of them already but I'm sure there are plenty I have overlooked.

Just to give you a background of what I like:

Gore is boring to me and I have no desire for that stuff. NO GORE and blood and guts please!!

I like really creepy things. Stalkers, people getting chased etc. I know it's kind of pathetic but I always thought the opening scene with Drew Barrymore of Scream was quite good for example because of the whole being chased around with some weirdo looking in the windows. I love that stuff because it's realistic :thumbsup:

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

I don't know. Films haven't scared me since I was 7 or something like that.

It will always be a favourite though. For the nostalgic reasons. I was scared to death after watching that with my older sisters when I was like 3 years old. I had dreams about that fucking clown for years! :lol:

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REC is horrifying. My highest recommendation. A wonderful film, and also classic horror.

28 Days Later is scary, but it doesn't quite hit you until you're tucked in and falling asleep.

I think The Last Exorcism and Paranormal Activity were also scary, but I'm prone to fear from demons and the supernatural.

The Hole is a great scary indie flick.

And Session 9, that movie is a little goofy indie film, but very effective at scary the shit out of you.

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Also 'The Grifter' isn't a real movie I don't think

Are you really that thick to not understand I'm trolling this thread? :lol:

I guess that makes you a pretty cool dude. Mad props.

Not cool enough for the glorious "Skype Crew" though... :rolleyes:

What a lame cop out.

I suppose next you're going to pull the whole 'my friend has this awesome sense of gay people' stunt, right?

Spare me o' magnificent MyGNR cupcake. I'm not worthy.

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Sorry I'm not up to par with your high trolling standarts!

Oh teach me sensei, the secret ways of the GNFNR forum trolling methods. The Crane, The Crouching TIger, The complete asshole who pollutes every thread on the forum with unrelated, shitty, infentile inside jokes.

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I spit on your grave. Not necessarily scary as it is extremely unnerving. The fact that there was little to no budget for music works in its favor, the acts in it are all the more terrifying when rendered startlingly real by the lack of a generic and overly dramatic score.

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Guest Len B'stard

Salo: 120 Days of Sodom (i dare you to watch that SLAA :lol:) In fact if you can prove to me conclusively that you watched it i'll give a tenner if you watch that film :lol:)

Men Behind the Sun

Ilylsa: She Wolf of The SS


OR is you really wanna see something icky:


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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

A Serbian Film.

That's absolutely revolting. Don't watch it. Anyone. I felt sick watching it.

You just made the best commercial for this movie ever.

Great marketing skills, dude.

I suppose, yeah. This isn't any "spooky" film by any means though. It's just extremely vile and disturbing, with graphic raping scenes of kids. I felt extremely ill at ease watching it. I don't even think I watched it all, to be honest.

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