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Being totally honest, do you think we will hear at least one new song in Las Vegas?

Nosaj Thing


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Wait, why does pi2loc care if we get new songs? All he does is talk shit about the new band. Something doesn't add up here, maybe he just wants attention. That must be it. Because he sure as hell isn't a real fan of Guns n Roses. Keep in mind this is only 1 minute's worth of skimming his history. There are plenty more gems where these came from:

I find very laughable the fact that this piece of shit cash-grabbing Las Vegas cover band is supposedly going to "celebrate" the 25th Anniversary of an album they don't have anything to do with. :laugh:

Bailey is the loser, he got fat, old and lost his voice. At least Slash is not the one crying and telling people: "How can you side with Slash? How can you support a man that stole 15 years of my life? :cry:". :takethat:

He is Axl Rose disguised as Guns N' Roses, he won't fool me with his piece of shit cash-grabbing cover band. :shrugs:

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