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Which of us would be the best GNR manager?


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Here is my platform

I'd fire Beta/Fernando as spokesmen.

This would be my 10 year plan.

Each band member would have to do thirty minutes a month of public relations. That's it. Thirty minutes a month. That's less than eight minutes a week. An interview with a magazine. Call a music radio station. Do a podcast. Spend 15-20 minutes at a fan forum and just chat with the fans. Thirty minutes a month. You spend more time than that a month on the toilet dropping deuces. You can dedicate thirty minutes to the fans.

Release an EP ASAP.

Studio versions of Going Down. Seeker. Riff Raff. ONE NEW SONG.

Side two would be acoustic/remix versions of: This I Love, Better, Catcher and TWAT.

Christmas 2013 - release a live DVD and CD of the best concert footage available

Summer 2014 - release double album, ala Illusions

One album of left over CD songs

One album solely written/recorded by the new band

Tour the world

Christmas of 2015 - Greatest hits album that includes 3 new songs

2016 - band vacations, side projects, etc.

Summer of 2017 release new album

Tour the world

2020............Box Set

Album by current band

Axl's autobiography

Illusions backstage footage that Axl has hidden away in his library

Backstage DVD of the current band - a documentary of the Axl's band since the classic lineup

And a couple live concert DVDs featuring the best performances from GnR since the beginning of the band

Retire the GnR name

2023...........Axl releases an acoustic/piano solo album, featuring a couple songs with Slash/Izzy/Duff.

How amazing would that be??????

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